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A Very Harry Christmas Part Deux

A Very Harry Christmas Part Deux


I should preface this by saying… I don’t celebrate Christmas. I completely understand its appeal, however; chestnuts roasting on an open fire (does anyone actually do this?), snow (in some parts of the world), presents, spiked cider, and a few days off from work. Yes, I completely get the appeal of the holiday season.

Speaking of presents, however, if you’re anything like me --which is a procrastinator-- then you’re probably running out a time to purchase gifts and you also have absolutely no idea what to get the people who are nearest and dearest in your life. To add to the already over-saturated internet market of gift guides, I thought I’d do a part two to my Very Harry Christmas gift guide that I did last year because who doesn’t want to give their loved ones gifts that are inspired by Harry Styles?! 😉


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Women’s Boxing Gloves | Yoga Mat | Record Coasters | A Shaving Kit | Music Playing Cards | Smartphone Sanitizer | Outdoor Voices Gift Card

Pretty much everything is gender neutral, although I did link to pink boxing gloves because one my of my favorite colors is pink and I see people refer to Harry Styles’ first album as “The Pink Era.” And, after those backstage photos from The Forum, we all know he’s an avid boxer. Boxing is a great way to workout for those who don’t want to feel like they’re working out.

Speaking of working out, he’s also an avid yogi, and if it wasn’t for his love of this practice, we wouldn’t have been blessed with this story. Yoga is also a workout for those who don’t want to feel beat down after exercising; plus, this particular mat is very travel friendly, just in case someone is both a yogi and a jet-setter… or just has a tiny apartment and needs all the room that they can get.

We are talking about a man of music here and those record coasters are perfect in every way… even if the person that you’re purchasing for isn’t a musician. They would brighten up any coffee table, are vintage looking (which I hear is in right now) and they’re incredibly unique, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who has something like this in their home.


If you want something a bit more practical, a shaving kit can be used by anyone and everyone -- but it makes an especially great gift for someone named Harry. These are razors and shave cream that I use personally (is there really a such thing as men’s and women’s razors?!) and I can attest that these razors are very sharp, last forever, and the shaving cream is absolutely luxurious and aids in giving a close shave.

Got someone that loves hosting things at their place?! A deck of playing cards is perfect for those individuals. Not only is it something that can be enjoyed alone, but nothing is easier than breaking out a deck of cards and getting together with people to have some laughs. Also, the playing cards are musical… for obvious reasons.

I am just going to assume that a world famous pop star probably spends a lot of time on his phone and, thanks to the Apple Music documentary, we know that Harry actually has two phones, surely a smartphone sanitizer would be quite useful. Let’s be honest, we all spend a lot of time on our phones and there are tons of studies that talk about how many germs are on the surface of our smartphones, so maybe buy one for yourself too?

Last but not least, who doesn’t love a gift card?! For my friends and family that are particularly difficult to purchase for, I just get gift cards to places that they like to shop at. Sometimes (most of the time, let’s be honest) money really is the best gift to give someone so that they can go out and buy something that they want, and will love, and will use. I only chose Outdoor Voices because of this, but choose the store that best represents the person you’re buying for.


I know I took a wee bit of a break but A -- I had to shoot some content that you’ll be seeing super soon and B -- I’m heading back to my home state for the winter break and I’ve been packing and preparing and, while I took a bit of a break from the blog, my Instagram has been active, so be sure to follow me there! But don’t worry, the outfit posts will be back soon.

All the love,

Photography by Shakala Kyle

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