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How I Choose Which Harry Styles Looks to Recreate

How I Choose Which Harry Styles Looks to Recreate


More often than not I get asked how I choose which Harry Styles fashion looks to recreate. As you can imagine, there are tons of outfit choices to rifle through when it comes to Harry Styles, as he’s been pretty fashionable as long as he’s been famous. But I do have a bit of a formula for choosing outfits to recreate and since some of you have expressed curiosity, I thought I would share that formula.

It’ll be the easiest math problem ever, I guarantee it.

And to answer another question I get a fair amount of times; I chose Harry Styles as the inspiration for this fashion blog for three main reasons -- A) He’s easy on the eyes. B) I like fashion that skews both eccentric and classic. C) Because I wanted to. 😉

Without further adieu, here’s the formula I use for choosing which Harry Styles outfits to recreate.


For those of you who don’t know -- I am quite small. At only 4’11, I fall well into the petite height range and therefore, many clothing pieces don’t fit me as well as they would fit a woman of average height. I frequently look at places like ASOS, Topshop, J.Crew, Express, and Miss Selfridge, as they are all great spots to look for outfits for petite ladies.

When it comes to outfit re-creation, I also try to make sure that the pieces are available in other lines as well, whether that be plus, tall, or regular. ASOS is particularly good at this! I recently recreated Harry Styles’ leopard print suit that he wore on his second night on tour in London using an ASOS cowl neck dress that was from their petite line, but they have the exact same dress in their regular line as well. Same goes for Express and the sequin trousers I wore, inspired by Harry’s look on his maiden show of Harry Styles: Live on Tour.


Availability, however, doesn’t just mean finding stores with a petite size range, it also means availability on the mainstream market. Because most of Harry Styles’ clothes are either custom made or designer, I have to be creative about how these looks are interpreted. Not every print, or color, or cut is available in stores like Forever 21, H&M, and Zara, and sometimes the recreations are exactly spot-on, but it’s close enough -- like the pink plaid dress I wore, which was inspired by a pink plaid Calvin Klein suit Harry wore in Stockholm whilst on tour. Getting it exact isn’t always the point.

Which leads me to be my next objective…



All the pieces that I choose fit my personal style which I would describe as feminine, relaxed, sexy, and whimsical -- and none of those adjectives seem to fit together. What I mean is that I very much like to wear dresses and skirts and pinks and florals; which people would classify as feminine. I also love a good t-shirt, jeans, and Converse combo, but I also like my clothes to really fit, meaning I like to show off my figure. Lastly, I like wearing bold colors sometimes that really stand out.

The funny thing about that, is I think Harry Styles’ personal style (using the word personal loosely because I, unfortunately, do not know him) is very similar to my own; we both like florals, and bold colors, and eye-catching pieces but also enjoy dressing down and just being casual. In fact, when I first started this blog, I re-created a lot of Harry looks that were casual;  like the pink velvet trousers he wore back in 2017 in a Japanese airport or the monochrome black jeans and a black top with gold boots back from the One Direction days.


I never choose outfits that I wouldn’t wear outside of the blog; whether that be to work, on a date, or just out and about in my everyday life. If I don’t see myself donning the look for something other than photos then I pass on it. Similarly, I never choose looks for the sake of it; while there are plenty pieces that I think look amazing on Harry, for one reason or another, if I don’t think I can pull off the look, then I won’t use it as inspiration.


This kind of goes hand in hand with availability. Like I mentioned before, a lot of Harry’s clothing is bespoke and/or very expensive. I don’t have the money to purchase $800 sweaters but also, the point of the blog isn’t to re-create a millionaire’s look with the same pieces or pieces that are just as expensive and out of reach, but rather to find pieces in accessible places that are inspired by Harry’s champagne taste.

Even when I am rocking a fancier piece --like the Express lace jumpsuit inspired by Harry’s all-black Charles Jeffrey suit-- I make sure that the price tag isn’t too expensive because I know what it’s like to be on a budget. Even if I do wear something that is considered luxury, it’s usually something that is easy to find a dupe for -- like the black Kate Spade flats I wore with my pink suit, which is obviously inspired by Harry’s pink suit.


Furthermore, I don’t use vintage pieces in my outfit recreations for the simple fact that I want my readers to be able to find the pieces if they wish. For some of Harry’s looks, going vintage would work so well --like the pink dress with large white polka dots inspired by his pink shirt with the same print-- but, that would mean that the piece isn’t available anymore and therefore wouldn’t be able to serve as inspiration for you guys and that simply isn’t the point of the blog


Something that kind of goes hand in hand with vintage are trends. At the end of the day, I am still a blogger and I do look to the current trends to help me decide which looks of Harry’s I want to recreate. For example, floral and cut-outs were a huge trend this past spring and summer, which led to me choosing the red floral Gucci suit Harry worn at One Direction’s last performance together. The result was a cute Kendall + Kylie playsuit that fit in nicely with the current trend.

Usually I do a bit of research on the predicted trends for that season and sometimes do a post on it --like one of my most recent posts-- and then go to my Harry Styles Pinterest board that I have full of potential looks to recreate and see if any match the trend. If they do, I then go through the other three objectives. If the look passes -- it gets turned into a blog look.


That being said, I don’t think Harry is too much of a trendy guy. I think he does wear trends; but he seems to go for personal style and comfortability before choosing to wear something that is trendy. Not that his choices aren’t trendy --we see that isn’t true in his choice to wear florals and patterns like plaid and houndstooth-- but rather that isn’t his first stipulation when it comes to choosing clothes.

And it’s the same for me -- hence why trends is at the bottom of the list.

And those are the four markers I use to help me choose which Harry Styles looks make it to the blog.


I actually spent some time today shooting two new looks for you all and you’ll see one of those looks next week. Want a hint?! It’s all about pinstripes! Ten points to the person that can guess which suit will be serving as the inspiration for next week’s look. Can’t remember all the Harry Styles: Live on Tour suits?! Check out my Instagram because I have a Story Highlight that documented every… single… suit.

See you next week!

All the love,

Photography by Ashley Singleton/Shakala Kyle/Breakfree Photography

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