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Fall Transitional Look: Dress + Sneakers

Fall Transitional Look: Dress + Sneakers


Outfit Details: ASOS PETITE Mini Tea Dress With Cut Out In Heart Print | The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top Unisex Shoe in White

The autumn season has arrived in Los Angeles, California! Although I am a bit jealous we don’t have fallen leaves of every warm shade á la Chicago, I am reveling in the cooler mornings and evenings and the promise of rain in the weather forecast next week. I am, however, using the term “cooler” lightly -- it’s still 70 plus degrees in the afternoons and when you’re leaving your office to walk around and find food at lunchtime, that can feel a bit warm.

As I was rifling through my Harry Styles Pinterest board, that I actually need to update come to think of it, I came across a very old photo of him. Since we’re running low on Harry Styles updates considering he’s only occasionally popping in and out of our lives, I started feeling a bit nostalgic and wanted to do something that “fetus Harry” wore back in his early days of being a fashion king… or at least king of the outlandish suit.

This look of Harry’s is from way back in 2013; a Burberry shirt that apparently belonged to his mother. Fun fact: Victoria Beckham also owns this blouse. Although I was not around in the One Direction fandom back in 2013, I know that this look made waves because it was actually Harry’s 19th birthday party and strippers were involved, which apparently set the internet on fire. 🤷🏾


Images via Google

Images via Google

Firstly, can we talk about Harry’s hair? It is so full and voluminous and shiny -- literally understand why women are always so jealous of his hair. Secondly, can we talk about his baby face? He looks sixteen in these pictures and --let’s be real-- he barely looks as if he could pass for his 24 now. But, we’re to talk style, so let’s do it.

He’s wearing a super casual look that actually seems like it would be a great choice for casual Fridays at the office. Given that the blouse is a button down and the collar gives it that business look while the black jeans and boots add relaxation to the outfit -- and I wanted to make sure I captured both the fancy and the casual aspects of this look.



Dresses are the perfect fall transitional outfit because they’re easy and can pass for both fancy and casual depending on things like your shoe choices, your makeup, and accessories. I was lucky enough to find this ASOS dress (which is ON SALE!), that is the same navy color as Harry’s shirt and has the same heart print without the hefty Burberry price tag!

I love the details of the cut outs of the side, which are perfect for the warmer weather of LA, but you can easily throw a leather (faux leather of course) jacket over it to help with warmth if that is a concern where you are living. To capture the casualness of Harry’s birthday look, I decided to throw on a pair of Converse -- classic in every way. Honestly, dresses with sneakers is one of my favorite looks all year round.

What did you guys think of this Harry Styles outfit interpretation?!


I actually need to get my butt in gear and take some more pictures and I am thinking we need more Harry Styles tour inspired outfits to go along with the sequin trousers and leopard print dress that I have recently done looks for. I also have a few new pieces that I need to sort through and organize… which is not something I have ever been good at. Next week, however, I may do a September Favorites because those are always my favorite kinds of blogs to read. Until then!

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Photography by Ashley Singleton

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