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A Look Back at 2018

A Look Back at 2018


I have a bit of a tradition when it comes to the New Year -- my dad and I toast to the New Year with pink champagne and I tell him about what I hope to accomplish. Sometimes, it’s fairly simple things, like making sure all of my dishes are washed before going to bed at the end of the night and other times --like this New Year’s-- it’s things that are fairly substantial; like have a first draft of the children’s book I want to write. This 2019 goal felt daunting when I spoke the words aloud and it actually caused me to realize something about myself that I’ve always known by have kind of ignored: I’m easily discouraged.

All the way back in December 2017, with the introductory post on this blog, I mentioned that I was tiptoeing into the world of comedy and truly that was the reason I moved to Los Angeles, but I found myself getting discouraged… as I always do, until I eventually packed away my comedy things and cracked on with my nine to five.

As 2018 wore on, however, I started to feel… antsy to say the least. I love writing, which is partially why I started this blog, as a creative outlet, but I couldn’t find the time to write comedy sketches, jot down ideas for pilots, research sitcoms, and write spec scripts with a nine to five and me constantly telling myself that I wasn’t as good as others when it came to writing comedy. But the bottom line was -- I wasn’t happy not at least trying to pursue writing as my livelihood.  


Los Angeles has a way of wearing you down, especially when you aren’t working towards a goal and I soon found myself being bogged down by the city. I found myself not wanting to get out of bed, not wanting to go to work, not working out anymore, and --most importantly-- not spending any time writing comedy. When it came time to go back to Texas for the holiday break, I couldn’t wait to get out of Los Angeles for nearly two weeks (with the exception of having to drop my dog off at boarding.)

Texas was like a little reset -- it’s a quiet place with not as much hustle and bustle. My old friends are still there and --obviously-- my dad is still in Texas. I spent my days doing nothing and worrying about nothing, chatting with my dad about nothing and everything, and coming up with some 2019 goals for myself.

I don’t like to think of them as resolutions just because I feel as if the term resolution automatically means that it will be broken. Instead I like to think of them as goals -- small steps that I can take that work up to something larger that may happen in 2019 or may happen some other time. The point is, I want to be actively doing something that leads to it.


Here’s a list of some goals I hope to accomplish in 2019:

  • Get back into working out at least three times a week

  • Plan out blog content at least a week in advance

  • Create and stick to a budget

  • Pick up a few freelance projects

  • Complete the first draft of the children’s book

I also want to spend more time reading and writing. Although, those are necessarily goals, but rather changes to my routine that I want to make. I already read and write a fair amount, but I want to spend most of my free time perfecting my craft.


It’s Harry Styles recreation time next week as we’ve taken a bit of a break from it and I took a blog and social media break in general. Part of planning blog content is also planning my outfits in advance and hopefully my Pinterest board will be help me achieve that. In the meantime, I promise I am more active on my Instagram and I hope to see you back here next week.

All the love,

Photography by Shakala Kyle

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