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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 + My Beauty Wish List

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 + My Beauty Wish List


Last week in my first swimsuit post I told you all I’d be putting up a beauty wish list this week. After all, summer is the season of a million and one beauty launches. However, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is also happening and I had the very super genius idea of combining the two events. The two events being the sale and the beauty wish list.  



The sale happens once a year (hence the name) and is currently going on. It stated on 11 July for Level 4 cardmembers, but will be open to the general public on 20 July and it runs until 11 August. The reason the sale is such a big deal is because it’s the new autumn items that are on sale rather than the end of season clearance pieces. That means brands like Rag & Bone, Alice + Olivia, Allsaints, and Rebecca Minkoff are available at discounted prices for a limited time.



As a fashion blogger, one would think that I would be snagging clothes left and right -- especially for the upcoming fall months. But honestly, I think this is the time that I may use to get my hands on some high-end beauty and skincare items that I’ve been wanting for awhile but cannot bring myself to pay over $100 for.

Plus --thanks to the Harry Styles niche of my blog-- I have plenty of outfits that I need to shoot that can work well for the fall months and other pieces of clothing that I am trying to sell via Poshmark. Truly, my closet and bank account would cry if I brought home any more pieces of clothing.


Untitled design.jpg


  1. Magic Eye Rescue Rejuvenates, Smoothes & Repairs, $60

  2.  Jade Roller, $63

  3. CliniqueFIT Workout Makeup SPF 40, $29.50

  4.  Memory Mist, $28

  5. Lapis Facial Oil, $72

  6. Super City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector Broad Spectrum SPF 40, $25

  7. Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer, $29

  8. Born to Run Eyeshadow Palette, $49 

  9. Laura Mercier Transluscent Setting Powder, $38 

  10. SPACE.NK.apothecary Smith & Cult Nailed Lacquer in Doe My Dear, $18


To save you the time of reading this blog for hours on end (not that I have anything against that, I have plenty of wonderful content for you to binge on 😉), I’ll only point out the high points of the list and it seems the Jade Roller is the obvious first place to start.

I hear The Anna Edit chat about this little contraption all the time over on her YouTube channel and it intrigued me. As I am aging as gracefully as possible until I need some help from our favorite friend Botox, I am currently on the hunt for something like this, which is supposed to help firm the skin through gentle massage. If I end up purchasing this, I’ll be back in thirty years to tell you how well it worked.

Speaking of anti-aging, Fleur de Force mentioned the Clinique Super City Block in one of her recent YouTube videos and its name caught my attention. Being that I live in Los Angeles, I can sometimes feel the pollution on my skin and --even though my skin isn’t sensitive-- I sometimes think it’s the cause of my breakouts. Plus, I think we all know that sun really ages your skin, so it’s important to have a good SPF and the City Block is SPF 40!


I also have another Clinique SPF on the list, which is actually a lightweight foundation that won’t clog pores and is meant to be worn while you’re working out. I reckon it would be a great foundation to wear on hot days when regular foundation is a bit too heavy. Another makeup product I have on my wish list is the new Urban Decay Born to Run palette.

Whenever someone asks me what my favorite makeup brand is, I usually say Urban Decay, though their products are a bit hit and miss for me. While I own all of the Naked palettes (wait… I lied… I don’t have the Smoky one), nothing else from Urban Decay ever catches my eye when it comes to eyeshadow. This Born to Run palette, however, looks gorgeous! I adore the packaging and the shade selection and Urban Decay always kills it with their names.

Last few things I want to point out are the Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Oil, which will be a repurchase for me if I decide to purchase some things at this sale. Also, Ouai’s Memory Mist is something I’ve been intrigued by for ages, also mentioned by Fleur de Force. It claims to help your hair “remember” its styling, which I think could work well for when I wear my hair naturally or when I straighten it!



What’s next for you all is to enjoy the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and be sure to let me know what you purchased in the comments below. Next week we’ll be reliving my time at the Forum seeing Harry Styles and --seeing as yesterday was Harry’s last show of his tour-- we’ll also be doing a round-up of my favorite suits he’s worn on his North American portion.

Before I say goodbye, if you’re missing the Harry Styles’ inspired outfits, then why not take a mosey back and check out two of my favorites, the bubblegum pink suit and the perfect summer romper.

See you next week!

Stay Stylish,
xoxo Michelle

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