Welcome to my blog. I take pictures of myself trying to dress like Harry Styles. It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it. Hope you have a nice stay!

An Introduction...

An Introduction...



Let’s start off this introduction with a confession: Don’t let the salutation fool you, I am not British. I am, however, a huge Anglophile so it is probably in the best interest of everyone that I be upfront with my obsession, as you’ll frequently be seeing British euphemisms peppered in with some hardcore American slang. Why that is important for you to know, I've got no idea.

Great, now that I’ve spent way more time than necessary on that, let’s get down to the nitty gritty – my name’s Michelle, I’m 29, and I’m teetering on the verge of liking fashion. Sure, I spend a lot of time browsing Nordstrom when I should be working but really – who doesn’t?!

During one of my many peruses through whatever clothing retail website I was looking at, I had the most amazing idea ever: What if I recreate a celebrity’s outfits and blog about it? AND THEN, I had an even better idea: What if I used one of my favorite celebrities as inspiration – Harry Styles.

I fell in love with Harry the same way I fall in love with everything else — unexpectedly, whilst a little drunk and completely in denial. I listened to his solo album after Apple Music wouldn’t stop recommending it to me and now I have it on vinyl, a CD in my car, and downloaded onto my phone. Just never want to miss a chance to listen to Harry, y’know?!

And maybe I should end this on the note of actually telling you about myself — A: In high school I went by “Shells” because I thought it was v cute and would make me forget about the fact that everyone hated me. B — I’m a Texas girl; Dallas born and raised (#COWBOYSNATION), and I am —in many ways— a Texas stereotype. There’s nothing better than football on Sundays, saying “bless your heart” as a negative, and drinking iced tea on porches whilst swatting away mosquitoes. C -- I have the world's best and cutest dog who will, I'm sure, make her debut on this blog at some point. And D — the most important thing about me; I’m tiptoeing into the world of comedy.

It once consumed my life before I got too scared and ran away from it but now, I’m in LA so I’ve got to pursue that right? At least after I make this blog dedicated to recreating Harry Styles’ outfits. 

And lastly — I really, truly, honestly, hope that you enjoy! And also, I hope Harry Styles finds this blog and falls in love with it… or me… whatever. 

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Heart of Gold with Boots to Match

Heart of Gold with Boots to Match