Welcome to my blog. I take pictures of myself trying to dress like Harry Styles. It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it. Hope you have a nice stay!

Heart of Gold with Boots to Match

Heart of Gold with Boots to Match


Um... welcome to the new site! Truth be told, my last layout was just a placeholder while my friend Briana worked on my logo for me. Which is --if I may say so myself-- quite cute!

When I first thought of this idea, all of the over the top outfits Harry Styles wears came to mind -- floral print, yellow, and pink suits galore was what I thought I would start off with but A -- that sh*t is hard to find and B -- who already has that stuff in their closet? Except Harry of course. 

So I thought I would start off with something a bit more simple and possibly easier to pull together. And also, if you don't have gold boots, then this is the perfect excuse to go out and get yourself some! Lucky for you -- all pieces will be linked

Let me start off by saying that I didn't actually realize how much research would have to go into each outfit. I'd first have to find pictures of him wearing the outfit, find out the designers (if possible), when he wore the outfit, and scrounge up some pictures of him wearing said outfit that I can publish without anyone trying to sue me. Fingers crossed on that last one!

If you can't tell by the above picture, the below is the look I was going for. 


I know this image is from the On The Road Again Tour back in 2015 and that the boots are YSL and that's about all the information Google gives me, which I guess is good enough. He's wearing black jeans and a black top and he wore something similar on a few stops on this tour -- like the black button down in Sydney. 

I knew I wanted something a bit more casual, so I skipped the button down and opted for a plain black t-shirt from Target to mirror the the above image more. I know he's not wearing his shirt tucked in, but I am quite petite (I'm only 4'11), so I sometimes tuck shirts in to give myself more of a figure. Otherwise, I would be swallowed by fabric. 


I'm sure his jeans are not high waisted like mine, although they're just as skin-tight. Harry does love really tight skinny jeans doesn't he?! Anyway, my jeans are a bit faded because I wear them loads. They're from ASOS and they're super cheap! I have the petite version, but there are regular and tall versions as well. I opted for a cuff at the end because I really like that look with boots, but you can do exactly like Harry and just have the jean flow over the boot. Personal preference here, of course.

Lastly is the star of the show -- the boots. Again, because I'm so tiny, these are actually kids' shoes by Tucker + Tate that I spotted way before I had the idea for this blog and bought because they were less than $50 and "trendy." If you're not tiny people like myself, DSW has a gold boot that looks similar.

I thought, right up until this moment, that I would do two outfits a post, but I think one is sufficient. They won't all be this simple -- there is a pink suit coming soon, some velvet, and some stripes. After all, we're just getting started. 

Next week we have a Harry Styles inspired gift guide for all of you who like to do your holiday shopping at the last minute!

Photography by Shakala Kyle

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