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Vests Are Totes Back In

Vests Are Totes Back In



A -- A week is a really long time and I totally know that and we will soon be at two posts a week, but in the meantime kick back and enjoy this outfit.

B -- There is no B.

We're back with the outfits after a slight break to help all of you shop for holiday gifts. But, now that it's Christmas Eve and hopefully your shopping is finished, maybe all you're looking for in life is more Harry Styles, some alcohol, and a cute outfit to look at. You'll find two out of three here.

This week's outfit is also from circa 2015. If you haven't noticed by my one other outfit post, I have a thing for circa 2015 Harry -- that long (*cough* greasy *cough*) hair, those casual ass outfits, and the constant showing off of those 60+ tattoos -- I am living for it. Especially since I wasn't a fan then, so I'm catching up. I also have a thing for getting off topic.

Anyway, the below outfit is the inspiration for this week's look.

Image via Google

Image via Google

This is from the Jimmy Kimmel rehearsals (Maybe? How reliable it Google?) in 2015 (how many times can I say that?) and I actually got the inspiration to do this look after YouTube suggested some 12 second video of him walking around at this rehearsal to me... for whatever reason it did that. 

The only thing I was missing from this outfit was the vest because I had yet to realize that vests are a thing again -- which I'm totally here for. I'm again in my trusty faded ass ASOS jeans that fit like a glove (mine are petite, but there's regular and tall also) as well as a basic Target v-neck t-shirt. His shirt actually has a pocket on it, but not everything has to be exact right?

The boots I bought from Nordstrom Rack because I like the detail of the front being open rather than it being a simple Chelsea boot like the one he is wearing in the picture. Although both of ours have the buckle detail on the side of the shoe, I opted for something with a heel because I'm short AF and sometimes like to feel like a normal sized human. 


The one thing I didn't have from this outfit was the vest because I missed the memo on vests being back in. Side note: What are these called in Britain because I know they're not called vests? Waistcoats? Tank top? Sleeveless sweater? Someone educate me. I knew I didn't want to spend a lot of money on one because I honestly probably wouldn't wear one in my day to day life, so I went to trusty Amazon and found the one in the photos. 

The coloring is a bit off and mine has a zip where his does not and I also don't have the strange leather string that he has on his, but the overall impression is there. Right?

Hope you enjoyed this week's outfit -- I'll be back next week with something a bit more office appropriate. Until then -- ta for now!

Photography by Shakala Kyle

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