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A Very Harry Christmas

A Very Harry Christmas


I'm thinking I could probably start off every other post with a confession. It isn't something I am trying to do, but it just seems to be happening naturally -- so... let's roll with it. Confession: Despite the title of this post, I am Jewish. Considering Chanukah ends in four days I thought maybe this gift guide would be more useful for those of you who celebrate Christmas.

Or maybe some of you who celebrate Chanukah are last minute gift finders --er, givers... whatever (*raises hand demurely*), and if that's the case, you can probably find a little something in here as well.

This is --first and foremost-- a style blog, but wouldn't it be fun if there were a few extras in there? This is one of those extras, but Harry still has a bit of a role in this one -- it's a gift guide inspired by his style. I could take the easy way out and fill this gift guide with a bunch of his own merch, but I am never about anything easy. Unfortunately. 

Instead, I puttered around the internet for things that reminded of Harry or things that thought he would use. And I am using the word "thought" as loosely because I --unfortunately-- do not know Harry Styles and he neither answers questions in interviews thoroughly nor posts on social media... so really I'm just grasping at custom Gucci straws. 

So without further ado, here are a few gifts you can get the Harry Styles lover in your life... or someone you just haven't bought a gift for yet.

We've got our obvious floral print pieces in the men's jacket from Urban Outfitters which reminded me a bit of the jacket that he wore at the Good Morning America concert back in 2015 and the boots from Steve Madden

Considering he's a musician, the record player --also from Urban Outfitters-- needs no explanation. The music or vintage lover you're shopping for would love a record player. Side note: if you haven't listened to Harry Styles on vinyl... what even are you doing with your life?!

I hear most people are organized and like to write things down in order to keep up with their lives. Me? I like to live life on the edge and panic once I remember there's a deadline I need to meet, but I am a writer and would love a journal for the holidays... and I am assuming those organized people would as well. The journal is the only Harry Styles official merch on the list, but I think it's a good one. 

Gourmet coffee for all the caffeine addicts in your life, inspired by the fact that Harry said he was more into coffee than tea. This one is from Groundwork, but there's plenty of good coffee out there. I also always think candles make great gifts, especially higher-end ones -- like this Replica one. 

The last two gifts are heavily style inspired -- the ring is in the same vein as the rose one that he's been wearing for years in seems and the (in)famous white sunglasses from Nordstrom. Who knows... maybe that outfit worn with those white sunglasses will make an appearance on the blog. 

I hope this gift guide inspired some ideas for those in your life and I wish you all happy holidays!

Photo by Rashi Saxena


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