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My Stockholm Syndrome Is In Your Room

My Stockholm Syndrome Is In Your Room


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This weekend hasn’t really felt like a weekend; last night was opening for the second half of the 17/18 season of LA Opera so I was busy with the show all Saturday and today I’m out shooting content for this lovely blog. Usually I’m at home in sweats, in bed, with my dog and a gin and tonic but alas -- someone has to dress with Harry Styles and that someone is me. Also… see what I did there?!

Anywho, last week I promised you a rendition of a Harry Styles: Live on Tour suit and BAM -- I delivered. I saw these pants in Urban Outfitters while I was in there looking for a record like the hipster I am and the yellow suit Harry wore at his Stockholm and Boston stops on the 2017 leg on the tour came to mind. As a side note, while I was scrolling through all these custom Gucci suits wondering how on Earth I was going to recreate them, a visual came to mind. I wonder if Harry stands in front of his closet and asks himself: “Should I wear the little Gucci suit, the little Gucci suit, or… the little suit?”

Anyone catch that Spice World reference? 😏


The below suit is the inspiration, which --like I’ve already said-- he wore in Stockholm on November 5 of last year. And in Boston on September 30 of last year. Thank G-d for Wikipedia and their article on his tour, not only for providing me with the exact dates but also the names of the venues: Fryshuset and Wang Theatre.

Photos via Pinterest

Photos via Pinterest

I’m not going to pretend that these are exact dupes but, they are pretty damn close. Of course, the yellows are a bit different and I have on a wide leg pant whereas his pant bit fitted throughout. The Urban Outfitters version also has a bit more color than the Gucci version; meaning his twigs (branches?) are a bit on the bare side while mine has blooming flowers. Unfortunately, there is no matching jacket to this pant, even though I searched UO high and low -- so I left it at a black button down from Express.


To continue on with the Gucci theme (it’s Harry… of course there’s a Gucci theme), he’s wearing black Gucci loafers which I do not own but salivate over daily, but I opted for a black heel to dress this look up even further and also to give me some height. I’ll spare you another “I’m super short joke,” for the time being.

And that, my friends, is the yellow suit inspiration. Next week we’ll be venturing back in time to my favorite Harry --circa 2015-- for an outfit inspiration perfect for date night and v perfect for spring. And --as always-- thank you for visiting.

Photography by Breakfree Photography

Stay Stylish,
xoxo Michelle

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