Welcome to my blog. I take pictures of myself trying to dress like Harry Styles. It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it. Hope you have a nice stay!

Joining Up the Dots

Joining Up the Dots


Outfit Details: Full Trim Knot Front Polka Dot Top (Alternative) | PETITE MOTO Black Ripped Jamie Jeans | Franco Sarto Elvis Bootie 

Good afternoon to everyone -- here we are meeting at a different time, but at least we are on the same day. This post is going up at noon instead of five because today is my birthday! 🎉 It’s not just any ol’ birthday either -- today is my 30th birthday. That’s right ladies and gents, I am officially finished with my 20s!

My 20s were a hell of a time -- I struggled with what I wanted to do in life, I bartended, I waited tables, I finished university, I was in some shitty relationships, I did stand-up, I thought about writing books, and still didn’t let go of my love of Harry Potter (and --for the record-- I never will.) I’m excited about turning 30 honestly and tonight a friend of mine has put together a dinner (and other shenanigans) for me and I am stoked.

But, since this isn’t a lifestyle blog, but rather a fashion blog based around Harry Styles -- shall we get into this week’s outfit? Yes, I think we shall. I went back to a casual outfit for this week because I like having variety on the blog. I mean, I would wear a hot pink suit to the grocery store because I love attention) yet another thing Harry Styles and myself have in common 😉), but I know some people prefer something a bit more low-key. 

Images via Google

Images via Google

The outfit is a simple one; black jeans, brown boots, and a black shirt with white polka dots. Harry wore this outfit back in 2015 (my favorite Harry era) to go to Salt & Straw in Los Angeles, which is actually also why I love this outfit so much. He’s literally just out and about living his best life and getting ice cream. By the by, if you’re ever in Los Angeles and you want ice cream, try Salt & Straw and relish in the fact that you’ve been to the same artisan ice cream shop as Harry Styles.

While it would be rather easy to find a black button-down with white polka dots, I sometimes like to choose pieces that still have the essence of what he is wearing, but with my own flair. Which is why I instead opted for a round neck top that is unfortunately not sold anymore but I gave you an alternative that is super cute. I, like Harry, also had on ripped black jeans and booties -- although mine are a different color and have a bit of a heel.

P1020574 (1).jpg

It’s a truly casual outfit that is perfect for weekend adventures -- like going to the beach in 90 degree weather in nearly all black to take pictures. If you haven’t tried that, I highly suggest it -- it really gives you that “I’m sweating my ass off” glow that we all work so hard to achieve. Glossier who?

Next week, I’ll still be on the casual train with the outfits and we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming of Sundays at five o’clock pm... Pacific Standard Time... because I see some of you are from the UK. 😉 Have we talked about how much I love the UK?! Because I love the UK!

See you all next week!

Photography by Ashley Singleton

Stay Stylish,
xoxo Michelle


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