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The Perfect Transitional Spring Outfit

The Perfect Transitional Spring Outfit


Outfit Details: V Placket Curved Dip Hem BlousePaige Roxxi Ankle with Side Slits (Sold Out) | Vince Camuto Celena Perforated Suede Ankle Bootie

I’ve been thirty for a week now. In the past seven days I’ve noticed more fine lines, have gone to bed at 8 in the evening, and made a complaint about my achy joints. I’m currently waiting to hear back from AARP about my desire to join. 😏 But seriously, I had a wonderful birthday party with my wonderful friends that I am still over the moon about and super thankful for. (If anyone got the Harry Styles reference in that last sentence, I’ll buy you a cookie.)

This blog is nearly three months old (yay!) and while I love outfits that are on the dressier side and that are loud, bold, and sparkly, I have an affinity for casual outfits because they are so easy to wear and easy to personalize. But, it’s also because --as much as I love the Gucci suits-- I really like Harry in casual clothes. Not that my opinion about his clothes matter but I like to think it does.

The below outfit is the inspiration for today’s blog post; it’s from circa 2014 (a Harry era I am not overly familiar with) I love it because it’s simple; striped shirt, faded black jeans, and boots. It’s easy to make this a “I’m going for coffee and to the mall outfit” -- which is what I am going for in my rendition. But, it could also be a “we’re going on a date to a dinner in a movie” kind of outfit -- just throw on some heeled booties and the hat and voilà, it just became a bit more dressy.

Image(s) via Google

Image(s) via Google

Now, I ran into a problem that I sometimes run into when I am looking for older pictures of Harry from the One Direction days -- I can’t f*cking find any. What I should actually do is make sure there are enough pictures before I decide to recreate the outfit but that would be good planning and like… that’s not my strong suit. So instead --for the sake of not ruining the blog layout-- just enjoy the same picture twice. Good thing he’s easy on the eyes, eh?

We’ve seen two of these pieces on the blog before, and that’s another thing that I really enjoy doing. I think it’s a little unrealistic to wear pieces once and then never feature them again because we all live in the real world and we wear pieces multiple times. Or maybe you don’t -- I don’t know… you do you.


(Let’s pretend we don’t see my phone in my pocket because I love these photos dammit, and I am not going to let an iPhone ruin that!)

My striped top is in the same vein as Harry’s minus the button down and the spacing of the stripes. The jean color looks nearly identical -- mine maybe has a bit more grey in the undertone than his, and the boots are a different color, but I prefer the style of the ones I am wearing. I skipped out on the hat entirely because ya girl has super curly/frizzy hair and there’s no way I’m about to put a hat on top of it.

This outfit is also perfect for the transitional weather that is happening right now -- that "it's not quite spring" but also not quite winter weather that makes you want to wear black on some days and on other days throw on the floral print that makes Miranda Priestly tut at your unoriginality but makes Harry's eyes light up. The white brings in the touch of spring, while the black and grey remind you that it's still 44 degrees outside. Or colder. I'm spoilt... I live in LA.

Easy as 1, 2, 3, -- okay easy as searching endless clothing websites for the perfect fitting shirt, trying on the outfit multiple times, setting aside time to shoot the outfit, scouring the internet for the photos of Harry, and putting the posts together but hey -- it’s all in good fun.

See you next week for a take on a look that was custom for Harry Styles -- any guesses what it is?! 😬

Photography by Ashley Singleton

Stay Stylish,
xoxo Michelle


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