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You Flower, You Feast

You Flower, You Feast


Outfit Details: ASOS Mini Tea Dress in Yellow Floral Print ASSETS® by Spanx® Women's High-Waist Shaping TightsNew Look Velvet Court Heeled Shoe

I’m sure most of you are busy watching the Super Bowl -- Super Bowl Sunday is like a holiday here in the U.S. isn’t it? And honestly, I’d probably be in the mix --lots of drinks, lots of eating, lots of yelling, lots of commercial watching-- but I’m boycotting this year because… the Patriots and the Eagles? Does anyone really like the Patriots? I mean really? And --as a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan-- I am born and bred to hate the Eagles and who am I to argue with tradition?

So, while most of you may be enjoying the Super Bowl -- I’m actually out shooting even more content for this blog because I really (like really) want to get up to posting twice a week. A girl can dream… right?

This week I’m bringing you a bit of spring, a bit of Valentine’s Day, and a bit more yellow floral… because I’m on sort of a yellow floral kick. We’re also throwing it back to my favorite Harry era -- circa 2015 with the outfit inspired by the below.

Images via Google

Images via Google

This outfit was kind of difficult for a number of reasons: it took me ages to find out where this outfit was worn. I knew it was a One Direction concert and I knew it was 2015 and I was expecting the world wide web to fill in the blanks… it’s called world wide for a reason. However, it led to to many an article about how much Harry likes wearing floral print. Which, I assure you, I've read all of these articles multiple times.

It was in the eleventh hour of writing this blog post that I think I finally found the answer: the MOA Concert Grounds in Manila, Philippines in March of 2015. It was during the On The Road Again Tour --which, as I have finally learnt-- is abbreviated to OTRA. I also have a penchant for calling it the On The Run Again Tour because that just sounds so much more fun.

It was also v difficult to find more than three photos of that outfit for some reason. But, I obviously finally found two that worked. 

Anywho, if this above outfit is indeed not from the MOA Concert Grounds in Manila, Philippines in March of 2015… please don’t tell me. I felt like I had accomplished the impossible after finding said information. Just let me bask in my glory… even if it’s not real.


This outfit inspiration actually came to me after I wore the yellow ASOS dress to work and --in my downtime-- started browsing the internet for Harry Styles pictures and found the one that’s on the right. They look nearly identical; the yellows are the same and the floral patterns on both are scattered, but his leaves appear to be blue and mine are green… because I’m a realist and leaves are green. There's also a bit of pink in my floral print as well.

I swapped out the skin tight black jeans that I have no opposition to wearing for tights because I wanted something that was a tad more smart than jeans. And I invested my trust in my New Look black velvet heels because they’re not too high, comfy, and you can never go wrong with black heels. Harry is wearing black boots with his outfit -- which would also work for this if you’re more a boot kind of gal (or guy!)

I’m finally breaking the yellow streak next week and I’m bringing you one of my favorite outfits EVER! I was so excited to shoot the outfit and I am even more excited to see it on the blog. Any guesses what it is?! Come back next week for the reveal!

Photography by Breakfree Photography

Stay Stylish,
xoxo Michelle

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