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Pink Is the Only True Rock & Roll Color

Pink Is the Only True Rock & Roll Color


Outfit Details: Martha Collarless Blazer (Alternative) | Martha Wide Leg Trouser (Alternative) | H&M Fitted Shirt | Kate Spade Gino Flats

I am totally not kidding when I say I have been dying to write this blog post because this outfit is literally my favorite. I’d venture to say that this outfit was the catalyst for the blog. Harry Styles wore a drool-worthy pink suit at his performance on The Today Show in May of 2017 and I lusted after that pink suit with the same desire I harbor for cake and sweets and a well-made gin and tonic. I wanted a pink suit. I had to have one.

But, one cannot simply purchase the first pink suit they see, not all pink suits are created equal. With me being so petite, I knew it would be hard to find a pink suit that fit properly and I was probably going to have to have it tailored. With that in mind, I set out to find a pink suit that emulated the one that Harry wore because… you know… that’s the whole point of the blog.

I ran into an interesting problem though -- there are many shades of pink. Did I want a muted pink? A dusty pink? A Barbie pink? A bubblegum pink? A blue based pink? Millennial pink? Baby pink? Sunset pink? Ballet slipper pink? If we take a peek at the pink suit that Mr. Styles is wearing, it’s leaning in the Millennial pink realm -- v on trend.

Images via Google

Images via Google

But, what I actually wanted was something a bit more blue based because I have a very (very, very, very, very, very) red undertone, and I knew that a blue based pink would probably look better on my skin tone. I found the perfect blue-based pink suit at Missguided!

Even though I ordered from the petite section, the fit still wasn’t exactly what I wanted; the sleeves were a touch too long, the pants were a bit too loose around the waist, and the inseam was a bit too long. After tailoring, however, the suit fit much better. The exact suit in the pictures is no longer available (😭), but I linked you all a pretty good (and affordable!) dupe!


Now, Harry’s Millennial pink suit is a Bespoke suit from British designer Edward Sexton and I am going to venture a very educated guess and say that the suit is custom (that's literally what bespoke means. 😅) I really like the detail of the white buttons on Harry’s suit jacket and the single vent at the back; where Harry and I differ, however, is his love of flare pants. Just… no… I know he has the whole 70s thing going for him, but I hate flare pants with a passion.

So, not only are the buttons on my blazer pink, but I purposely sought out pants that were not flares. I instead went for wide leg ankle grazers, that I think capture the essence of the flares that he has on. An H&M button down and Kate Spade flats complete my look which --if I may say so myself-- looks pretty f*ckin bomb! And, if you’re as untraditional (is that a word?) as me, this is the perfect Valentine’s Day date outfit because f*ck the people who say ladies can’t wear suits! 😉

I hope you guys enjoyed the outfit as much as I did because seriously, I f*cking love this pink suit. Next week I’m scaling it back just a tad and recreating a casual outfit of Harry’s from --you guessed it!-- circa 2015. Same time next week?! Sounds like a plan!

Photography by Shakala Kyle

Stay Stylish,
xoxo Michelle

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