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How To Wear A Floral Top For Spring

How To Wear A Floral Top For Spring


Outfit Details: Sleeveless Floral City Shirt (alternative) | Petite White Jamie Jeans | Abound Val Patent Derby Shoe (alternative)

Spring has sprung, which means that I’ll be spending my days sneezing, complaining about how I can’t breathe, and keeping Zyrtec in my purse while simultaneously doing all of the things that make my allergies worse; stopping to smell the flowers, watching movies in the grass, and taking my dog out to bask in the sunshine. I’ll get right to doing all of that once California stops raining and being fifty degrees.

In the meantime, I’ll get my spring fix by posting floral outfit after floral outfit because… groundbreaking right? Plus, it’s well-known that Harry Styles enjoys his florals. Which leads me to another point; he’s currently on the second leg of his tour and if you want to see all his outfits in suits, follow me on Instagram because I am posting ALL of them on my Stories. You’re welcome.

I thought to usher in spring and the second leg of Harry’s tour, I’d feature an outfit inspired by one of the suits he wore on his first leg back in 2017 that is --of course-- floral. When I first saw this suit, I actually thought it was going to be quite difficult to replicate and it was one of those where I was sure I just really wanted to use as inspiration rather than doing like what I did with the pink suit and try to replicate it head to toe.

Images via Pinterest

Images via Pinterest

Like I said, the suit was worn on the opening night of Harry Styles: Live On Tour, which was on September 19 in San Francisco at the Masonic Auditorium. I can’t find the designer of the suit, but I am going to venture a guess and say that it’s probably Gucci because… you know…

When I spotted this shirt in Zara, it instantly reminded me of that suit but I knew I would also have a problem; Zara is pretty fast fashion and by the time I’d get around to getting this outfit on the blog, it wouldn’t be available anymore. It was already fifty percent off when I bought it; but I did it anyway. As always, I scoured the internet to find you a dupe or two.


To round off the outfit, I chose plain white jeans from Topshop and nude oxfords, which also are no longer available, but the dupe is cheaper and will give the same effect.  And that --guys and gals-- is how you do a spring outfit based on Harry Styles. Some other options would be to pair the floral print shirt with blue jeans --like the Topshop ones-- for a even more casual effect or you can take it to the office with nude heels and pale pink trousers --like these from ASOS-- to look a bit more smart.

And that, my friends, is this week’s outfit. If you’re looking for even more floral in celebration, there’s plenty on my blog already -- like this cute yellow dress. Speaking of yellow -- there’s more of that to come next week. See you all then!

Photography by Shakala Kyle

Stay Stylish,
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