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7 Topshop Pieces I'm Lusting After

7 Topshop Pieces I'm Lusting After


Before you call me out for sitting on a throne of lies for telling you this week would include something yellow… it does… kind of… It’s just not on me. 😏 I’ve been thinking of ways to expand this blog a little. Not that I’m not enjoying spending my time dressing like Harry Styles because I’m literally living the dream doing that, but because I’ve been saying for ages that I’ve wanted to get more content up for you guys and so this is something that I’ve wanted to test out: a round-up of pieces that I have my eye on at a particular store.

I thought that I’d start with Topshop because they have an amazing petite range. Nearly everything that I’ve bought from Topshop fits like a glove -- the petite white Jamie jeans that I wore in my last post are a perfect example of that. I also love Topshop because their clothes aren’t ridiculously expensive, they’re trendy, and they last a long time.

All of the pieces featured below are perfect for spring but can easily carry over into autumn… or whenever you want to wear them really. They’re your clothes, you can do whatever you want with them. Who cares about rules right? Certainly not me.

Links to the pieces are numbered below because I believe in making shopping easier. It’s my platform for my 2020 Presidential Campaign.  

love pajama tops.png

1. Petite Button Through Skirt | 2. Petite Scallop Camisole Top | 3. Petite Checked Tapered Trousers | 4. Petite 'No Time for Romance' T-Shirt | 5. Petite Striped Shirt | 6. Petite Floral Satin Pyjama Shirt | 7. 'LA' Rainbow T-Shirt

There are four pieces that I really love out of this bunch and this first one is the yellow mini-skirt. It’s my favorite shade of yellow --mustard-- and I love the button-front detail as well as the ruffle waist. I also like that it’s not too short; believe me, I love showing a little leg as much as the next gal (or guy, whatevs), but I also love when my clothes work for the office as well as for a night out.

Speaking of pieces appropriate for the office, I also love the check (...plaid… just let me believe that I’m British) pants that have a hint of yellow lining in them. They’re tapered and sit high on the waist, which will help elongate the body. Most of the time I’m pretty okay being as tall as a twelve-year-old child, but sometimes I want to look like a thirty year old woman.

In terms of tops, we’re going to steer away from the yellow for a just a moment (kind of) because that green floral print pajama top is giving me ALL the life. Okay -- it has a bit of yellow in it (can you tell yellow is one of my favorite colors to wear?), but what makes this top is the pajama look it has. I also love the tie waist, which can help give the illusion of a curvier figure if that is something you’re after.

Lastly, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love that top that says No Time for Romance. I love crop tops in warmer weather and I love slogan tees because it makes me feel like I put more time into my outfit than I actually did. Also, if you know me in real life, you know that my interest in relationships is like slim to none (unless you’re Harry Styles. Duh.) and I am a huge advocate for self-love and self care; therefore, this shirt is going to be in my closet ASAP.

And that, ladies and gents are the items that I am currently lusting after from Topshop. I’m overdue for a shopping trip (both for the blog and for my everyday life) so I may make a cheeky stop by the Grove sometime soon.

Do you have any stores that are a staple of yours when it comes to shopping?

Until next time...

Stay Stylish,
xoxo, Michelle


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