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All Black Everything (Kind Of!)

All Black Everything (Kind Of!)


Outfit Details: H&M Fitted Shirt | Jeffrey Campbell Metcalf Almond Toe Bootie (similar) | Zara Wide Waistband Leggings

“Everyone is staring at me… do you think it’s because my shirt is halfway open or because it says Styles?”
--Actual part of a conversation I had with my friend while we were out shooting this outfit.

To be fair, I didn’t choose the best place to shoot: The Grove on a Sunday during tax season. If you know anything about Los Angeles you know that The Grove is always busy. And if you know anything about the American tax system, you know that right about now is when everyone is out buying anything and everything because of their refund checks.

Nonetheless, we got some good shots of this simple yet effective outfit. We’re back in, what I like to refer to as the Golden Harry Era™ -- 2015. And, we're back in a casual outfit because that is perfect for throwing on on a Sunday to grab yourself a coffee... or walk around a busy mall and take pictures. Whichever is your jam. 

Harry is no stranger to wearing all black (the pap pictures from New York City in January of this year come to mind immediately 🔥) and I myself love a good all black outfit; I think it looks very chic and like you're seconds away from saying "f*ck everything" and that is always the look I'm going for. This outfit, however, had a little something extra -- the “Styles” embroidered on it.

Image via Zimbio

Image via Zimbio

Image via  The Style in Styles  on Instagram

Image via The Style in Styles on Instagram

I know I didn't follow my usual post layout with those pictures but I really love the top one and the bottom one shows the outfit inspiration perfectly so... it is what it is! 

Anywho, my friend Ashley --who also happens to be the photographer behind these shots-- is a lady of many talents, and offered to embroider a plain black shirt that I had. Now, I could have been practical and asked for my own name to be embroidered on a shirt that I paid for but… like… why? I had this cute H necklace from 6th Borough Boutique, and I thought having Styles on the shirt would really tie it all in together.

(And if you think for one second that I am not going to wear this shirt because it says Styles on it, then you are sorely mistaken.)


For the embroidery, we went for pink thread instead of white and --in hindsight-- I feel like I should have done white in order to better match the pearls in the heel of my boots. But, I also wanted it to be a bit different rather than exactly like what he’s wearing -- something that I’ve enjoyed doing more and more with this blog.

Outside of the embroidery and the H initial necklace, the boots are really the standout of the outfit. Although Harry is wearing plain black boots, I wanted something more eye-catching, which I achieved with the Jeffrey Campbell pearl heeled boots. They are plain on top, just simple black leather, but the pearls are so unique and the bottom of the heel is a horseshoe. Talk about attention to detail! The leather ones are, unfortunately, not available for purchase anymore, but the suede ones are! 

The boots and the color of the embroidery are the only two things that are incredibly different between the two outfits… except my shirt isn’t Gucci. I'm even doing the two buttons un-buttoned thing that he does, which resulted in the conversation above being had because literally everyone was staring at me. 😅

Next week I’ll be bringing you a pop of color -- after all this black, white, and grey, I’d say that we’re definitely due for some color aren’t we?!

See you back here next week!

Photography by Ashley Singleton

Stay Stylish,
xoxo Michelle


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