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How to Add A Pop of Color to Your Office Wardrobe

How to Add A Pop of Color to Your Office Wardrobe


Outfit Details: Nordstrom Oversize Blazer | H&M Fitted Shirt | H&M Slacks | New Look Velvet Court Heel

Please join me on this fine April Fools’ (Fool’s? Fools?) Day to welcome Harry Edward Styles back to the blog after the week-long break we’ve had not featuring his outfits. I’ve been feeling extra inspired because he’s back on tour, so I’ve been getting an eye-full of sequins, patterns, pirate couture, and lots of inspiration. Side note: I have a collection of every suit he’s worn on tour so far in my Story Highlights on my Instagram, so go check that out if you’re wondering what pirate couture is.

However, seeing as this blog does have Harry’s namesake and I do really love the creativity it takes to recreate his outfits -- we’re back with something a bit simple, but still eye-catching nonetheless and super appropriate for work, especially if you’re not afraid of a bit of color (and Harry says you shouldn’t be.)

I thought maybe this would be one of the ones I basically did a carbon copy of, because yellow suits are really awesome and very spring and I would wear a yellow suit in my everyday life tbh -- but would everyone else? So instead of doing head to toe banana (totes not opposed to that look though), I decided to do a bit of a loose interpretation of the suit below.

Images via Pinterest

Images via Pinterest

Because this suit was worn fairly recently, I was able to find all kinds of information on it! (It’s the small wins that really matter 😏) It’s a Calvin Klein double-breasted suit in a custom yellow shade (side note: I know the man really loves Gucci, but Calvin Klein tailoring looks amazing on him), although the brand does make this style of suit for purchase… just not in yellow. Harry wore this suit on the Jonathan Ross Show in London back in August of 2017. And I think I will give myself a round of applause because I’m almost positive that is the most thorough I’ve ever been on the blog about one of Harry’s looks. 👏🏾👏🏾

Because he is wearing a black shirt, I decided to extend that to my bottom as well -- I’m wearing a black button up just like he is, as well as a yellow blazer with black buttons like him, but I opted for a slim fit straight leg black trouser. He’s donning Calvin Klein Chelsea boots, and I dug back out my New Look velvet heels to tie together this smart outfit.


What I love about this outfit is that it’s an easy way to bring spring to the office with you. It’s quite conservative if you’re looking at it from a practicality point of view; button-up; smart trousers, heels -- but, the yellow blazer adds some personality to an otherwise plain look. My particular blazer was bought from Zara about a year ago (and tailored because the arms were too long), but it’s no longer made. You know me though -- #QueenOfDupes.

While I didn’t go full-on suit in this particular look, I’ve done a bold suit before when I recreated the Millennial pink suit Harry wore on Good Morning America and I’m also no stranger to office appropriate looks because I learnt the hard way 😅. I’m just here to cover all of your bases.

And, if one of those bases is cute spring rompers inspired by Harry Styles, then you’ll want to come back next week because I may have an expert opinion on that. Okay, not may… but totally do -- so I’ll see you next week? Yes? Good!

Photography by Ashley Singleton

Stay Stylish,
xoxo Michelle


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