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A Bit of Lace For A Fancy Night Out

A Bit of Lace For A Fancy Night Out


Outfit Details: Petite Lace Off-the-Shoulder Jumpsuit | New Look Velvet Court Heeled Shoe

I’ve been keeping a super close eye on all of Harry Styles’ suits since the second leg of his tour began -- partially because I love his fashion sense (duh!), but also because I’ve been taking note of which suits I want to recreate for this very blog that you are reading and I am super proud to present the first one.

I’m proud mostly because I think I managed to turn what is --at its core-- a simple black suit into something a bit more dynamic. Not to say that Harry doesn’t look good in his simple black suit (he looks good in anything really…), but it just wouldn’t be creative enough for me to re-do a black suit. And honestly, we all know how to style black suits right? 😏

Now, I have to be honest, it wasn’t just Harry that inspired today’s post. It was also one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Olivia Rink, who posted this exact jumpsuit from Express and I literally bought it the next day. I didn’t purchase it with the intent of using it for a blog post, I really just purchased it because it is so pretty but alas, Harry Styles came through with a black suit and here we are.

Left image via tumblr. Right image via  HSDaily.

Left image via tumblr. Right image via HSDaily.

As we can see this suit really is pretty simple -- outside of that gigantic safety pin. I know it’s standing it for the buttons that are usually on the blazer, you don’t have to tell me, I’m down with the avant-garde. Since this show was recent (like literally last week), that means I can find all sorts of information on this suit and rattle it off like I’ve been pulling all nighters for days trying to find info. Ready?! Okay: This suit is by British designer Charles Jeffrey and is referred to as the LOVERBOY suit, although the one Harry is wearing is a custom design. He wore this suit on April 5 at his show in Mannheim, Germany at the SAP Arena.

As a complete side note --literally has nothing to do with this blog post-- I’m not sure if I am going to Harry’s show in July for a number of reasons: It’s in Inglewood and ya girl hates driving to West Hollywood, much less Inglewood. I went to the show at the Greek Theatre back in 2017 and I loved it and that venue, which brings me to my last reason why I’m still deciding -- I paid $600 for the Greek Theatre show (I’m aware I overpaid, you don’t have to tell me, I just really wanted to go) and I am a firm believer that if I am going to go to a show I want to be as close as possible and I really don’t want to pay another $600. 😅 But I also like to think I am spontaneous and might just wake up and buy the f*cking ticket one day. Balance.


Anyway, back to the blog post -- as we can see I too am in all black (imagine that!), but I wanted something that would be perfect for a night out on the town, and the lacy bit at the top of the jumpsuit really brings in the dressiness needed to make this look perfect for going out. The pant part of the jumpsuit reminds me of a suit (hence the inspiration), especially since it’s tapered and looks great with a heel. I actually bought this in a size that was not petite and it was too big, so I ended up returning it, although I keep checking back to see if my petite size ever comes back into stock. 😭

And that ladies and gents is how you turn Harry Styles’ black suit into a outfit perfect for hitting the town. If you prefer a more casual look, my last post may be more your speed; or if you’re into something dressy but more… say… sparkly, I don’t disappoint in that department either. And, if you fancy a look at all of the suits Harry has worn on this leg of his tour so far, my Instagram will satiate your curiosity.

See you back here next week!

Photography by Shakala Kyle

Stay Stylish,
xoxo Michelle


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