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Cool, Calm, and Casual

Cool, Calm, and Casual


Outfit Details: H&M Short-Sleeved TopASOS DESIGN Petite High Waist Authentic Straight Leg Jeans With Back Zip Through Rise Detail | Old Skool Vans

I feel like we haven’t had a casual outfit ‘round these parts in awhile. Sure, we had the Kendall + Kylie romper two weeks ago and we can throw it all the way back to the blog’s inception with this casual outfit, complete with a furry vest. But I’m talking real casual -- like about to board a ten-hour flight to London from Los Angeles type casual because that’s what ya girl is doing in two weeks.

I'm of the persuasion that London is a place where I have to show up kind of already put together. Usually when I fly I look like I’ve just rolled out of bed because it’s important to be comfortable on planes -- but there is something London that is bringing out the fashionista in me and I want to look a little stylish on the flight. (Yes, I'm that person -- can you believe it?) What better place to look for airport fashion than the airport fashion of Harry Styles?!

Back in 2017, when he was on the first leg of his tour, Harry arrived in Tokyo wearing a very tailored black coat, a white t-shirt, and pink velvet pants with Vans. I thought to myself -- of course he wears pink velvet pants at the airport but also… I want to wear pink velvet pants to the airport.

Images via Pinterest and We Heart It

Images via Pinterest and We Heart It

So, in true blogger form, I scoured the internet for pink velvet pants that resembled his. For ages, all the ones that I found were too bubblegum, not the right kind of velvet, or didn't come in my petite size. That is until ASOS saved the day. As always. I was able to find a velvet pant that resembled both the cut and color of his and also gave the same dressed-up but casual effect that his do.

I skipped the coat altogether because I live in Los Angeles and I don’t need a coat but I did keep the white t-shirt and Vans because --again-- I loved the casual effect of his outfit and I think the classic Vans and white t-shirt really embody that. Same white shirt eh? Get it? Because of Two Ghosts? The song. His song. Okay. Cool.


The ASOS pants are a nearly identical dupe (except for the zipper that literally goes all the way around the crotch. Why? Because fashion.) I opted for a white t-shirt from H&M that is a bit more form fitting because that’s how I like (most) of my clothes. I too own classic Vans, which is just one more thing Harry and I have in common. #blessed.

While this outfit is a strong contender for the ten hour flight that lies ahead for me in May, the crotch part isn’t really all that comfortable and I feel like I could only put up with it about two hours max. I’m kind of thinking I may go the athleisure route for the flight. Is that Harry approved? Probably not. But --as I always like to say-- you can’t win them all.

We’re staying on the pink train next week as I will bring you a dress that’s inspired by a cult favorite amongst Harry Styles and One Direction fans -- care to venture a guess? Hint: It’s polka-dotted. 😉 Also, it’s time for my weekly Instagram plug because I’m putting in the difficult and exhausting work of keeping up with all of Harry’s suits for the 2018 leg of his tour; so far we’ve seen toreador chic, Mardi Gras king, and not one --but two-- pink suits. Follow me over there if that seems of interest to you. Or if you like curly hair and cute sh*t because I have that too.

Ta-ta for now -- until next week!

Photography by Ashley Singleton

Stay Stylish,
xoxo Michelle


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