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A Modern Take On A Classic Print

A Modern Take On A Classic Print


Outfit Details: Petite Josie Turtle Neck Check Shift DressFranco Sarto Elvis Bootie

Today is the day I am heading back to Los Angeles after spending nine nights in London. I am sure I am exhausted and absolutely devastated that I am back on my way to the States. I am thinking I may do a London round-up post as my last post for this month -- would you guys be into that? I think it’d be a fun post to put together and I just want to relive my British memories over and over again.

For the time being, however, we’re kicking it back to April 2017 for this post’s Harry Styles outfit recreation -- his performance and appearance on Saturday Night Live. Don’t quote me on this, but I think SNL was his first solo performance (he did “Sign of the Times” and “Ever Since New York”) and he did a couple of sketches as well.

Every so often, I skim through photos of Harry looking at his choice of clothes and seeing what strikes my fancy as something to recreate and honestly, this one wasn’t on my list. It’s not that I didn’t like the suit, I did, I just tend to steer clear of shades of brown. I was actually quite surprised when I saw this suit -- it’s Gucci and double-breasted, two things Harry wears a lot, but it’s not a flashy a suit as we’re used to seeing from him which kind of made me overlook it honestly.

Images via Google

Images via Google

I overlooked it until I was browsing on the Boohoo website and came across a plaid dress that struck me as nearly identical to Harry’s SNL suit. Although the dress has a lighter brown hue and the check is not nearly as as straight and perfect as the check on his suit and the shade of brown is a bit deeper than the one on the Boohoo dress. The Boohoo dress has a grey undertone to it, which Harry’s suit doesn’t have.

One thing I love about the dress is that it’s quite short, which means it can be worn nearly year round. If it’s a bit chilly outside, you can throw on some skin color tights or go bare-legged if it’s warmer outside. The material isn’t too warm, but I wouldn’t suggest wearing this when it’s one hundred degrees outside.


To cap off this look, I am wearing my trusty Franco Sarto booties that I love because they are a great shade of brown and because of the cut out detail right at the front. Also, even though they are a heel, they’re not too terribly high and they aren’t uncomfortable to walk in either.

If dresses aren’t your thing, but casual is, I did a take on Harry’s airport wear that is perfect for someone who would rather throw on jeans and a t-shirt. Or maybe you’d rather something a bit more fancy?! I‘ve got you covered there as well with a black lacy jumpsuit inspired by one of Harry’s black suits.

And that is how you wear plaid! Hope to see you back here next week for the London round-up!

Photography by Ashley Singleton

Stay Stylish,
xoxo Michelle


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