Welcome to my blog. I take pictures of myself trying to dress like Harry Styles. It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it. Hope you have a nice stay!

Don't Be Scared To Rock A Bold Print

Don't Be Scared To Rock A Bold Print


Outfit Details: Layered Flutter Sleeve Low Back Polka Dot DressWhite Kitten Heel Ankle Boot

I’ve been doing this blog thing for quite awhile now, which means it is probably time for me to re-introduce myself and my blog because that’s a thing that happens every now and again right? Or maybe I am just making that up. Either way -- I think the premise of this blog deserves some reiterating every now and again and, as I am coming up on my six-month anniversary, I thought this was the perfect time.

I started this blog mostly because I love Harry Styles and his… style… (pun intended) and I thought it was would fun to recreate his outfits with a feminine twist focusing on petite fashion and thus -- Dressing with Style(s) was born. Over the past month or so, I’ve started to incorporate beauty and lifestyle, which has really made me enjoy this blog so much more.

With that being said, last week we had a makeup and skincare post and this week we’re back on the train of recreating of Harry Styles’ outfits. And we’re also back in my favorite Harry era -- 2015. This look, which he wore at the Apple Music Festival, was actually one of the first looks that I wanted to recreate, but finding the right outfit was a bit tricky for me.

Images via Pinterest

Images via Pinterest

I thought of doing a pink shirt with white polka dots and black jeans just as he did; but A -- it was difficult trying to find the shirt and B -- the more I thought about it, the more I decided that I wanted this one to be something of a loose interpretation and started the hunt for a blazer or a dress instead.

I found the perfect dress from Shein just as I was about to give up on recreating this look. What really caught my eye about the dress were the ruffles and the open back details. I think they really capture the fluttery-ness (new word, already submitted to Merriam Webster) of Harry’s oversized shirt while the larger polka dots on my dress really make for a much more bold pattern.


Because it’s spring and trends are a thing that is happening -- I threw on some white boots from Missguided to really make the pattern even more bold. The only thing about the dress is the fact that the shoulder part didn’t fit properly and kept slipping down. This could be due to the fact that I have longer legs and a shorter torso so when it comes to dresses, playsuits, and jumpsuits, the top half fitting can be quite hit or miss -- especially if the piece is not from a petite collection.

If wacky and over the top prints are not your thing for spring, but florals are, I’ve got you covered with a cute yellow tea dress that is perfect for day to night. Speaking of going from day to night; I also have a perfect playsuit that you can wear to coffee, then lunch, then dinner, and to the club if that’s your thing.

Next week I am actually going to have another favorites (of sorts… it’s a weird kind of favorites) go up mostly because I’ll be on vacation (or shall I say holiday?) to London and I’ll need a bit of time settling in, although I’m thinking I’m just going to schedule out content pretty much for the rest of May so don’t worry -- my vacation shouldn’t affect the blog too much and if you’re interested, follow me on Instagram because I will be posting like crazy on there.

See you back here next week for the surprise favorites!


Photography by Shakala Kyle


Stay Stylish,
xoxo Michelle


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