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Harry Styles' 5 Best Suits From His European Dates

Harry Styles' 5 Best Suits From His European Dates


Well hello there -- how are all of you on this fine Sunday evening? Me? Oh, I’m gallivanting around in London on my vacation -- I’m probably on the London Eye crying my eyes out wondering if I really have to go back to Los Angeles. Anyone out here willing to sponsor me? I’m great at sarcasm, watching YouTube videos, and writing -- does that fit anyone’s job description?

Anywho, because I am on vacation this week’s post is the (weird) favorites that I promised -- I call it weird, but I actually think this is kind of a genius idea (toot, toot) because --as I reminded you all in my last post-- if it wasn’t for Harry Styles, I wouldn’t have this blog. I quite like him and his clothes... so much so that I built a blog around it. 😏If you didn’t know -- he’s back on tour this year and I’ve been keeping up with all of his tour suits over on my Instagram.

So far, he’s wrapped the European leg, as well as the Oceania stint. With him currently in Asia, I thought I’d choose my five favorite suits of his from the European stops because boy hasn’t repeated a suit yet and they are all (mostly) pretty damn awesome.

So, without further adieu, here are my five favorite suits from Harry Styles’ European tour dates!

1. Stockholm, Sweden, Mar. 18, 2018 -- Calvin Klein (custom)

Left photo via  HellonHighHeels . Right photo via  Helene Pambrun .

Left photo via HellonHighHeels. Right photo via Helene Pambrun.

The moment I saw this suit I immediately went to the Calvin Klein website to see if they made even a scarf with this plaid (or check for all my Brits) print and I had no such luck. I adore the dusty pink shade of the suit, it complements the the red lines in the plaid perfectly. Harry tends to wear double-breasted jackets and this design is, indeed double-breasted with peaked lapels -- which makes the suit look extra formal. I know he’s partial to Gucci, but Calvin Klein tailoring looks impeccable on him. Case in point 👆🏾

2. Paris, France, Mar. 13, 2018 -- Yves Saint Laurent (custom)

Left photo via  Helene Pambrun . Right photo via  DrunkBcMusic.

Left photo via Helene Pambrun. Right photo via DrunkBcMusic.

Another fashion house whose tailoring look great on Harry (albeit not as great at Calvin Klein) is YSL -- who created the suit that he wore on the second night in Paris, France. Anthony Vaccarello is the architect behind the garment; a silver based fabric with glitter interwoven into it. The first photo really shows how holographic the glitter in the suit is as well as how nicely the pant fits. My favorite part of the suit (besides the glitter of course) is the black ruffle shirt underneath. Glitter and ruffles -- yes please!

3. Oberhausen, Germany, Mar. 24, 2018 -- Givenchy (custom)

Left photo via  Helene Pambrun . Right photo via  harryftirene .

Left photo via Helene Pambrun. Right photo via harryftirene.

Our first solid color suit --the red custom Givenchy from his Germany show-- is still quite bold. Again, the tailoring is amazing (but still doesn’t top Calvin Klein) and I am pretty sure this one is actually a single-breasted suit, just like the powder-blue suit from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last year. Like I pointed out above, he tends to stick with double-breasted suits, but single-breasted suits have a bit more of a casual air about them; especially this one paired with the fun shirt underneath. Single-breasted suits also make men (or women… whomever is wearing the suit) look taller and I think he’s already pretty tall so this suit just highlights his height. He also has on white boots to bring out the white in the shirt -- and because white looks amazing with red.

4. Madrid, Spain, Mar. 31, 2018 -- Palomo Spain (Pre SS18)

Left photo via  __thelittlethingsx . Right photo via Kike Para.

Left photo via __thelittlethingsx. Right photo via Kike Para.

This is the suit everyone went nuts for because Harry’s ass looked nice in it. I went nuts for the white lapels, the two buttons, the pinstripes, and the shorter jacket; it’s probably the shortest jacket we’ve ever seen on him and I really like it. Something else I’ve noticed about Harry’s suit style is that he opts for a panel down the side of the trouser probably about ninety percent of the time; it’s on this suit and the Calvin Klein suit, and it’s going to pop up a few more times in this post. It’s a nice look, he is tall, has long legs, and it really suits him.

Also, he has on a custom tank top from Calvin Klein that says Treat People With Kindness.

5. Barcelona, Spain, Mar. 30, 2018 -- Palomo Spain (custom)

Left photo via  stylescevans . Right photo via  itakejustin .

Left photo via stylescevans. Right photo via itakejustin.

I like this suit mostly because it looks like Harry went to Alejandro Gómez Palomo (the designer behind Palomo Spain) and said -- “What are the trends this spring?” Palomo then said -- “Gingham and houndstooth.” Harry: “Great, put that in a suit… and don’t forget the panel on the side of the trouser.” And thus, we were blessed with the above suit. I’m really interested to know what fabric the suit is made of because it looks a bit on the heavy side, especially versus the Calvin Klein suit. That, however, doesn’t make a difference; it’s a unique soon that he wears well.

And there we have it -- the five best suits of his European dates and I know what you’re thinking… no Gucci? I have to say that his love (and my love -- let’s be real) of Gucci did not overshadow the fact that these five suits were near flawless in my opinion, but there was one… just one Gucci suit that I liked and thus, it makes it in as an honorable mention. Behold...


6. Bologna, Italy, Apr. 4, 2018 -- Gucci (custom)

Photos via  Helene Pambrun .

Photos via Helene Pambrun.

Let me start by saying the pros: the color is amazing, I love the peaked lapels, he’s back in familiar territory with the double-breasted jacket and side panel on the trouser, and it looks as if the lapels are also velvet and heaven knows I love me some velvet. But, I cannot get over the difference of tailoring on this suit; the pant looks a little too wide in the hip and thigh area while I can’t really tell if the jacket is supposed to flair out at the end or if that’s a result of it not being tailored enough to his frame. Those reasons are why this suit doesn’t make it into the top five, but I do still like the suit.

This was actually a super fun post to write and research for and you may be seeing some of these suits in the near future as inspiration! I’ve already knocked out a pink suit and pinstripes of sorts, but you know the great thing about fashion?! It can be interpreted in a slew of different ways. 😉

See you next week!

Stay Stylish,
xoxo Michelle

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