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Month in Review: January

Month in Review: January

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And just like that… January was over! Well, not quite -- but this is the last week of the first month of the year and I thought of a new way to hold myself accountable for the goals that I’ve set up for myself this year; to blog about them. Back in my Look Back at 2018 post, I mentioned that I have a few goals that I will be working towards throughout the year and in my post last week, I mentioned that I would be starting a new series every month and this is it. I’m calling it “Month in Review.” Catchy.. I know. 😏


One thing that I really wanted to work on this year was my writing. In case you all didn’t know, I moved to Los Angeles to be a writer, specifically a TV writer, but I feel like writing of all sorts is important to honing your craft; which is why I had the idea to make a children’s book series based on the life of my dog because she’s a hoot. Well, I did two things that moved towards this goal -- I applied to the NBC Late Night Writers’ Workshop and I purchased The Rainbow Fish to familiarize myself with writing for children.

Okay so, the Late Night Writers’ Workshop is probably a bit more monumental than purchasing a book from Amazon, but I promised myself that I would count all wins, no matter how large or small they are. I sometimes have the tendency to discount smaller steps because I think they aren’t really attributing to the main goal but honestly, that’s isn’t true.


Since I’m talking about my flaws, another one of mine is that I procrastinate but it’s for a good reason -- I do my best work under pressure and I tend to forget less when I have less time to do something. Whenever I find myself working way ahead of schedule, I tend to forget more things and become a bit lazy --for a lack of a better word-- with my work.

However, it’s not fun scrambling and I made a promise to myself that I would try to get more ahead of my posts. I proudly write this on a Tuesday, five days ahead of when it is supposed to published, which makes me feel more accomplished than it probably should. On another note, I am working on creating a matrix that outlines my outfits and which day they are supposed to be published to help me get even more ahead of posting.


I also mentioned in my Look Back post that the monotony of my traditional nine-to-five has started to weigh down on me. There isn’t much opportunity to be creative, for growth, and --to be frank-- the money isn’t great either. Whilst I love the people that I work with, towards the end of 2018, I started becoming depressed over struggling to pay my bills and spending nearly all of my time at work and being chastised when I had other commitments.

So I made a promise to myself that I would start to move into the freelance world for more money as well as more opportunities to be creative with the hope that eventually, I would be able to make enough money to do freelance full-time. I’ve applied to a few open projects on Upwork, but I also wanted to let you all know some things that I offer:

Social Media Management

  • Full service Facebook and/or Instagram management with monthly analytics

  • 30 minute Q&A session on nearly anything and everything to do with social media

  • 30 minutes to an hour of engagement for you

Eventually I will probably expand what I offer, but for right now, I’d love to connect with anyone who is interested in exploding their social media traffic -- especially Instagram, that’s my speciality.


Next week we’re bringing back the Harry Styles’ inspired look with an outfit that is one of my personal favorites. Last week I mentioned that I was teetering on one over the other and the fact that pictures are easier to find of one really was what made it win, as I have to go on quite the hunt for pictures of the other one. Sometimes I take the easy way out because it’s always better to work smart!

All the love,

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