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Perfect Dress for A Night Out

Perfect Dress for A Night Out


OUTFIT DETAILS: Navy Bardot Foldover Wrap Dress | Jessica Simpson Cassani Pumps
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I should start this post by wishing my style icon --Harry Styles-- a happy belated birthday. His 25th birthday was on the first of February and I wore my Harry Styles World Tour long-sleeve shirt to work in celebration. I got called a cradle robber by my coworker (lovingly of course) and I posted a special photo to my Instagram to wish him a very happy birthday. I’m sure he didn’t see, but it satisfied me.

Maybe I should also mention that today is Super Bowl Sunday and, seeing as I live in Los Angeles, one would think that I would be very excited about the Super Bowl this year round because the Los Angeles Rams are playing, but --in case you forgot-- I am from Dallas and I am a Cowboys fan through and through and also, Rams versus Patriots doesn’t sound that appealing to me. But, I’ll be tuning in for the commercials and to bid adieu to football season (my favorite season) in general.

This blog, however, is not about the Super Bowl, but it is about Harry Styles and today’s outfit happens to be from one of my favorite photoshoots that I have ever done. The same friend who helps me with my shoots (one of them at least) also helps me choose outfits that emulate Harry’s looks and this particular outfit she really loved and even said -- “You should put that on the blog.” The problem, at the time, was that I wasn’t sure if there was a suit that Harry had worn that looked like it… until I came across this number from the Dunkirk premiere in London.



As I am sure we all know or have come to find out, Harry Styles tends to wear suits that are a bit over the top, but for the Dunkirk premieres that he attended, he was a bit more understated. The suit is still by his favorite designer --Gucci-- and it is still custom; but, we rarely see him in solid colored suits (unless they’re an outlandish color), suits without patterns, and/or suits without flares. Yet, here he is in this gorgeous navy colored suit.

It is double-breasted --which seems to be his favorite style-- and it is wool mohair. I absolutely love the tailoring of this suit (which is saying something because traditionally, I like other designers’ tailoring on him), and especially the tailoring of the jacket, it looks wonderful on his frame. The trousers are the perfect length as well and the suit as a whole really complements his long and lean figure.

It just wouldn’t be Harry Styles without something being over the top, however, and this time it’s his boots. Also Gucci, the red leather boots have a dragon emblem the gives the otherwise traditional suit an unconventional twist.



I work in a place that sometimes requires me to dress up, which means that I frequently purchase dresses and this above dress is one of them. What drew me in was the gorgeous navy color (I wear a lot of black) and the neckline -- the fold over detail and the off the shoulder detail were stunning to me.

I always have my purchases shipped to my office and when I showed my friend this dress she instantly suggested I find a way to work it into the blog and the Dunkirk premiere suit was perfect -- the navy colors in both are very rich and nearly identical. My favorite part, however, is how the foldover detail actually matches the lapels of the suit, giving the dress a touch of masculinity.

Because Harry’s shoes were the standout, I wanted to do the same with my footwear. But, seeing as I do not own any dragon embellished shoes, I went to my trusty nude heels from Jessica Simpson Style. Nude heels are a staple in every wardrobe, but with this navy dress I think they are really the standout!


Next week, I’ll be posting my Galentine’s Day post, so that actually won’t be on Sunday as I’ll be hosting my best friend for the weekend. Plus, I want that post to be closer to actual Galentine’s Day. So, you’ll have that to look forward to. And, of course, more Harry Styles’ outfits.

All the love,

Photography by Shakala Kyle

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