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REWIND: My Favorite Blog Posts Thus Far

REWIND: My Favorite Blog Posts Thus Far


Every now and again, I get the idea that I should reintroduce myself. If you’re stumbling onto this blog as a fan of fashion, or beauty, or Harry Styles, I bet you take pause for just a minute to wonder what the hell they all have to do with one another? The simple answer is: absolutely nothing. The more complicated answer: I love them all and they all define me in some way… hence the blog.

Dressing with Style(s) originally started as a blog where I re-created the looks of Harry Styles -- which is where the clever name came from. As this blog grew, I wanted to include more content for those who weren’t huge Harry Styles fans, but also still be authentic, so I slowly started to create content that I still loved but was a bit more than Harry Styles.

There are quite a few of you who are new (hello!) so I thought it was about time to do another post (re)introducing myself, but instead of doing fast facts or a Q&A, I had the idea of presenting my five favorite posts that I’ve written so far, which hopefully helps you all get a more well-rounded of me!

In no particular order, here are my five favorite posts I’ve written thus far!


The London Guide


Back in May of this year I took my first international trip to the city that I’ve loved for almost my entire life -- London. I spent nine days and ten nights in the city with my best friend, and we really tried to do all that we could in that time frame. We popped by Salisbury and saw Stonehenge; Leavesden to go to Harry Potter Studios; and even got the chance to see Hamilton at the Victoria Palace Theatre. To see everything that we got up to in England, click the post to give it a read!

Harry Styles’ 5 Best Suits From His European Tour Dates

Image via Helene Pambrun

Image via Helene Pambrun

Harry Styles was on tour for most of 2017 and 2018, which gave me a lot of fodder for the blog (stay tuned for tons of outfit posts!) But, one of my favorite posts that I’ve written was a  round up of my favorite suits of his from his European tour dates. A pink suit, plaid, and sparkle punctuated this particular post; if gold and stars are more your speed, maybe check out the Oceania dates post. Prefer sapphire and velvet?! Take a peek at the post rounding up the suits from the American dates.

Pink Is The Only True Rock & Roll Color


Back when I thought it was clever to have blog titles all about Harry Styles, I wrote this post, and it's still is one of my absolute favorites. It features one of my favorite outfits;  the pink suit that was modeled after Harry’s The Today Show suit he wore back in May 2017. I was still finding my footing in terms of writing this blog, but the photos are just absolutely amazing!

Harry Styles: Live on Tour The Forum Night 1

Image via Rich Fury/ The Forum

Image via Rich Fury/The Forum

To finish up my top five posts, I --of course-- added the blog I did all about the Harry Styles concert I went to this summer. This was actually my second show of his, as I went to his show at the Greek Theater and really enjoyed myself. It was my first time at The Forum. It was a sold-out show, he was great, and this blog post isn’t too bad either. 😉


Trending This Fall: Animal Print + The Season's Must Have Accessory


I literally just wrote this post last week but it's easily one of my favorite that I've written. The suit that this look is based on is one of my favorite suits that Harry Styles wore during his tour; when my outfits fit me well it really makes me love the blog posts even more; and, it was my first time hosting a giveaway on my blog! The giveaway is, by the way, still open! If you're looking for a new hot accessory for fall and would like to save yourself some money purchasing it, then this post is for you!


Next week, I’ll be bringing out an outfit perfect for those autumn nights out. Of course, it’s based on Harry Styles and it’s a look from the tour because --like I said-- it provided tons of blog fodder, so be sure to stay tuned for that. In the meantime, be sure you enter my giveaway and rifle through my old blog posts!

All the love,

Additional photography by Shakala Kyle

Sparkle & Sequins for Girls Night Out

Sparkle & Sequins for Girls Night Out

Trending This Fall: Animal Print + The Season's Must Have Accessory

Trending This Fall: Animal Print + The Season's Must Have Accessory