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The Top 3 Brands For Petite Ladies (Just In Time for Black Friday!)

The Top 3 Brands For Petite Ladies (Just In Time for Black Friday!)


Just in case I don’t say it enough, I’m petite; like very petite… extra petite… like I am pretty sure some children are taller than myself. It comes with loads of problems; I can’t reach cabinets, people routinely mistake me for a teenager, and --perhaps the most depressing of all-- I can hardly ever find clothes that fit. When I reached my 30s, I thought maybe it was time to try and not shop in the juniors section and get “big girl” clothes.

Slight problem -- companies don’t really make clothes for petite women… and so I set off on a search to find brands that had petite lines with both stylish and affordable pieces, especially when I made the decision to start this Harry Styles outfit based blog. Over on my Instagram, a few ladies have sent me a DM to ask where I find these pieces so I thought I’d whip up a blog post all about my favorite brands for petite ladies. Check them out below!



This one is a bit of a gimmie when it comes to petite pieces -- they are (at least in my mind) the go-to for clothing for women of all shapes and sizes. Plus, their clothes aren’t too expensive and they have trendy pieces that you may not want to spend tons of money on, but still want to get in on the style (Dad sneakers anyone?!) Also, their stock is ever growing and ever rotating, so it’s the perfect go-to when you are having a moment of “I want to shop but not sure what to buy!”  Plus, ASOS has the option of premier delivery for $19 a year -- which is unlimited two day shipping on any order!

One of my favorite pieces from ASOS is this leopard print dress that is the perfect midi length, required no tailoring, and is the perfect dress for a casual weekend picnic or a night out on the town!



The Brits know how to do petite right because Topshop is also a British company with a fantastic petite line. Some Topshop pieces can skew kind of expensive; I sometimes see dresses that cost $150, but what I really love Topshop for is their denim -- their petite line is absolutely amazing. The inseam is never too long, they have a variety of waist sizes, and --whether you like your jeans to look like they’ve been painted on or prefer the boyfriend fit-- they have tons of fits! Also, their jeans are never too expensive; they all clock in around the $80 and that includes nearly every wash!

One of my favorite pairs of Topshop jeans are these crisp white ones that fit like a glove.



And the Brits strike again! Boohoo is just like Forever 21, if Forever 21 had petite sizes. Just like ASOS, a lot of what Boohoo stocks are trendy pieces that are “in” at the moment, but they also have great staple pieces that can run as cheap at $6. Although some of the materials aren’t top shelf and some pieces aren’t meant to last for years and years; Boohoo is the perfect place to shop if you are looking budget-friendly, well-fitting petite clothes!

My most recent post included a Boohoo jumpsuit that was a gorgeous color, fit amazingly well, and reminded me why I love the brand so much when it comes to petite sizing.



I’ll admit, I wasn’t much of an Express fan in my 20s and it wasn’t until a friend of mine urged me to give the brand another chance that I did so. I’m going to be honest, the fit of their clothes are not as good as the other three that I mentioned and sometimes things like length, hip size, and straps are a little off. But, if you’re a bit taller than 4’11 I think their petite section wouldn’t require tailoring. Plus, they are great for both a work wardrobe and fashion-forward casual clothes.


I know I just put up a jumpsuit last week, but there’s another one that I just couldn’t wait to share, so that’ll be up next Sunday. In the meantime, I am going to be doing a bit of research for my post that will be going up around the holiday time -- A Very Harry Holiday Guide Part Deux!

All the love,

Photography by Shakala Kyle & Ashley Singleton

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