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My Favorite Looks from Awards Season (So Far...)

My Favorite Looks from Awards Season (So Far...)


I am going to start off this blog post with a bit of a personal achievement -- I made the decision to submit to the NBC Late Night Writers’ Workshop and yesterday I finished my late night packet and sent it off to NBC. While I feel like I may have something of a chance, there are literally thousands --if not hundreds of thousands-- of people who apply to the workshop every year and most are not chosen for various reasons. I don’t find out anything until March, but I’m just glad that I put together a pretty decent late night packet (in less than a week mind you) and got it sent off.

Now that we’ve got the personal things out of the way, let’s roll on to the subject of today’s blog shall we?! Awards Season is here and so far we’ve seen the Golden Globes and the Critics’ Choice Awards with the Screen Actors’ Guild Awards right around the corner, culminated by the Oscars, of course, which don’t air until late February. Or Grammys if you’re more of a music fiend.

Outside of the fact that I love awards shows because I love movies and television, the fashion has got to be one of the best things about it. While I don’t watch red carpets before awards shows because I find them a bit awkward; I do scroll through countless articles of the Best Dressed for every awards show and I choose my top five to be featured in my Instagram Stories, but I thought it would be fun to make a blog post about some of the best looks from the Golden Globes and the Critics’ Choice Awards. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some stunning outfits.

Gemma Chan at the Critics Choice Awards

Images via Popsugar

Images via Popsugar

Crazy Rich Asians has dominated the nominations this year and the entire cast has looked amazing on nearly every red carpet, but Gemma Chan at the Critics Choice Awards was really breathtaking. In a custom-made gown from Jason Wu, Chan looked both stylish and romantic, especially with the purple floral print and off the shoulder detail.

Chan is relatively tall at five-foot-nine so the flowy fabric doesn’t overwhelm her figure and drapes perfectly. I also love her simple makeup with a bit of drama around the eyes and her textured braid; adding a touch of romance with the satin bow on it. Seriously stunning.

Laura Harrier at the Critics Choice Awards


Laura Harrier from Spider-Man: Homecoming fame has been killing it on the red carpet as her film, BlacKkKlansman, has been nominated for numerous awards for every ceremony. At the Critics’ Choice Awards Harrier wore a beautiful dress from Louis Vuitton. Again, she’s a tall woman at five-foot-nine, and the dress looks amazing on her figure. I also love the details of this dress, which give it that extra edge; the plunge neckline and the sequins on the front of it are really what make this otherwise simple dress stand out.

Whoever Harrier’s makeup artist and hairstylist are did an amazing job with both; her makeup looks fresh and natural and I love the way her hair is done; soft waves that bring a hint of casualness to the otherwise formal look.

Kiki Layne at the Golden Globes


Kiki Layne gave an amazing performance in If Beale Street Could Talk and awards shows have taken notice. All eyes were on Ms. Layne at the Golden Globes when she wore a sheer nude-blush custom gown from Dior. The color complements her skin tone beautifully and --also five-foot-nine-- the extra fabric at the bottom of the dress doesn’t inundate her, especially with the contrast of the figure-hugging top half of the dress.

I also really love her makeup; her nude lipstick with slightly darker lip liner, the subtle pink glitter eyeshadow, and the smooth, dewy foundation. It all works beautifully with the feminine dress that she’s wearing.

Charlize Theron at the Critics Choice Awards


Silver dresses tend to be some of my favorites; I think they are both very classic and statement. This Givenchy number that Theron is wearing is a perfect example of that; the dress in and of itself is a classic cut for a gown with features that make it very statement. The cut-out at the front, the one-shoulder neckline, the ombre detail at the hem of the dress all make it very eye-catching.

I also really love Theron’s hair -- it’s a bit edgy, which I think works amazingly well with this dress. Also, her jewelry looks great with this dress and brings out the sparkle in the gown that she’s wearing.

Saoirse Ronan at the Golden Globes


Being a fan of Harry Styles has turned me into a Gucci snob so it’s no surprise that a Gucci dress has shown up on this best of gorgeous looks from awards show. Saoirse Ronan wore a custom Gucci number to the Golden Globes and --just like I mentioned with Charlize Theron-- I absolutely love silver dresses. This one has a bit of a sexier feel to it than Theron’s with the deep plunge, and also feels a bit inspired by the ‘20s flapper dresses.

I absolutely love her slicked back hair and statement earrings, I think they are both a nice touch to the look.


Next week I will be bringing you another Harry Styles look re-created, although it’s up in the air which one I am going to post. They are both so good and both more colorful than my last post, although one may be a bit easier to find pictures for and that may be the kicker when it comes to making a choice. Also, my last post of January may be the start of a new series here on the blog, so stay tuned for that!

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