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Harry Styles' 3 Best Suits From His Oceania Dates

Harry Styles' 3 Best Suits From His Oceania Dates

Image via  Helene Pambrun . 

Image via Helene Pambrun

When the artist you’ve based your blog off of embarks on a world tour for much of 2018, it’s only natural for you to keep up with said tour right? I’ve been diligently following Harry Styles all over his world tour, logging every suit he’s worn over on my Instagram. When you follow a musician on tour who (almost) wears a different suit every night, it’s only natural for some of those suits to stand out as absolute, hands-down favorites.

Back in May, after Harry completed the European leg of Harry Styles: Live on Tour, I did a blog post rounding up the my top five favorite suits of his. No lie, that blog post was a lot of work but honestly -- it was super fun to put together. Now that he’s completed the Oceania leg of this tour, I thought I’d do the same thing because… he’s got style. Get it? Style? 😏

Now, there were significantly less tour dates on his Oceania leg compared to his European leg so I shorted top five to top three and I also tried to choose suits that were not as classic but rather suits that were a bit outlandish. Which, wasn’t difficult seeing as most of his suits are a bit outlandish.  

Without further ado, here are my top three Harry Styles’ suits from his Oceania leg:

Melbourne, Australia; 24 April 2018 -- Alexander McQueen (custom)

Images via Pinterest

Images via Pinterest

The main thing that I loved about this suit was that it seemed to be comprised of gorgeous paintings what with the stitching of the long-haired woman all over the suit. It was such a subtle departure from Harry’s normal choice in suits; bright, sparkly. and/or bold -- but it also perfectly fit into his aesthetic. The gold in the suit is also eye-catching and looks almost shimmery. If you read my last suit roundup post, you know I am a fan of the Alexander McQueen tailoring on Harry.

Hong Kong; 5 May 2018 -- Gucci (custom)

Left photo via  Twitter . Right photo via Pinterest.

Left photo via Twitter. Right photo via Pinterest.

It wouldn’t be a Harry Styles roundup post without a Gucci suit now would it? I know I said I was going to try and steer clear of the classic-looking suits and --with black being a classic suit color-- this could be lumped in with something one would consider a plain old suit. But, look at those stars and lightning bolts. Not only are they crystals, but also, I absolutely love that the jacket and pant are two different patterns that complement one another rather than having the same pattern on both. Also, I love that the lapels are not velvet, as it really makes the velvet material of the rest of the suit really stand out.

Osaka, Japan; 10 May 2018 -- Alexander McQueen (custom)

Left photo via  Helene Pambrun . Right photo via Pinterest.

Left photo via Helene Pambrun. Right photo via Pinterest.

Fine, I’m a slut for Alexander McQueen on Harry, I can totally admit that. But, look at this suit -- the design is absolutely stunning. It features red-crown cranes, which I thought was a wonderful tribute considering the country that he was playing the show in. Japanese yen once featured the crane on it and -- in Japanese culture-- it is said that the crane lives for 1,000 years. I think this suit isn’t quite as nice-fitting as the one he wore in Melbourne, but the print is what made this suit edge its way into the top three.

In my European date post, I did a bonus suit just because there were so many to choose from. However, his Oceania dates were few and far between and --to be quite honest-- I wasn’t blown away by any of his suits on his South American dates so, alas, there was no room for a bonus suit.

However, we’re only about two weeks away from the end of Harry Styles: Live on Tour and he has a substantial amount of dates in North America, which means I will probably return to the five favorite format and there will more than likely be a bonus! That also means that I can start planning out all of my outfits based on the 2018 leg of his tour and really, that sounds like one of the most exciting things in my entire life. And I am not even being sarcastic.

Did you have a favorite suit of Harry’s from his Oceania stops? Which one did you like the most?

See you all next week!

Stay Stylish,
xoxo Michelle

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