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Hello World, Are You There? It's Me, Michelle

Hello World, Are You There? It's Me, Michelle

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Knock… knock… knock… anyone there?

It’s been over a month since I’ve posted on this blog and I’m sure you’re wondering where I’ve disappeared to… if you’re even still around to read this blog. I did kind of vanish into thin air after promising to be more active on the blog but honestly -- 2019 (although we are only three month into it) hasn’t quite started off on the right foot and, as a result, I took a break from the blog and my Instagram in order to get things back in working order.

I arrived back Los Angeles after a holiday break back in my home state of Texas ready to take on the new year and almost instantly, things started going wrong. The weather in LA --usually sunny and mild-- was suddenly quite grey and wet; it’s rained so much that Los Angeles is no longer in a drought for the first time in a decade. Which was a great time for my car’s sunroof to decide that it was broken; the drains in the sunroof which was supposed to drain water away from the car had rusted out and the inside of my car was collecting water. Literally, puddles of water pooled onto the floor of my car so deep fish could make their homes in there.

Turns out, it costs $1900 to fix this problem and --as you can probably guess-- I don’t have $1900. Instead, I decided to duct tape my sunroof, which doesn’t allow for water to get through. There was one flaw in this plan however; my sunroof also has a short in it which means it opens and closes at will and sometimes opens and doesn’t close at all. So, whenever it rains, I have to put trash bags over my sunroof to avoid a swimming pool inside the car.

The problems with my car, however, were overshadowed by a devastating event; my 10-year-old dog that I had had for nine years passed away. I noticed that she has gotten quite sick one weekend and --at first-- I thought nothing of it because she was elderly. When she wasn’t getting better, however, I took her to the emergency vet, who told me that she was in heart failure. I went in expecting for her to be diagnosed with a parasite and instead, I had to put her down. It was a whirlwind day that left me shattered. She died six days before my 31st birthday.


Now, in March, things are finally starting to look up. Although, I am a bit weary about getting too happy, just in case some things don’t work out. While there’s no resolve my car issue, I will eventually get a new car. In the meantime, the trash bags and duct tape work just fine.

Saying goodbye to my dog was unexpected and heartbreaking, but a new dog has come into my life -- a 1-year-old Staffordshire Terrier mix whom I’ve named Petra. She’s a rescue that I adopted through The Mutt Scouts, saving her from a frightening life as a stray. She’s been a joy to get to know and I am so happy that I am her forever home.


I like to think that I am coming back to the blog full-time and I can say that I am at the moment, pending any future disasters that hopefully aren’t coming my way. I need to stockpile some images and I even need to get shopping again because I’ve cycled through my Harry Styles inspired looks over the past months; which have included everything from sequined trousers to 90s throwback dresses to pink suits.  While you wait on the next look, why not give those a read?!

All the love,

Photography by Ashley Singleton

Perfect Dress for A Night Out

Perfect Dress for A Night Out