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3 Most Instagrammable Spots in Los Angeles

3 Most Instagrammable Spots in Los Angeles


One of the most difficult (and I use that word lightly) parts about being a blogger (am I blogger?!) is coming up with new and creative ideas for photos. I am the first to admit that I probably have it a bit easier than others -- after all, I do live in Los Angeles and there are plenty of places to get great photos for Instagram, but it almost seems as if the opportunities are endless and it sometimes can be overwhelming.

While trying to think up a place to take pictures this weekend a little light bulb went off in my head -- why not make a post about the best places in Los Angeles for Instagram pictures?! Not just for bloggers, of course, but for tourists, Instagrammers, and anyone else who’d it be useful to! The list could honestly be endless; the Santa Monica Pier, Echo Park Lake, The Huntington Botanical Garden -- but if you could only take pictures in three places in Los Angeles, I have just the places for you!



Los Angeles is famous for its street art (among other things) and Melrose Avenue has tons of it. The famous Paul Smith Pink Wall is on Melrose Avenue as well as the Made in LA mural, located on the side of Cisco Furniture. Palihotel is another Melrose Avenue sweet spot for Instagram snaps and you can go celebrity spotting while you take your pictures at Alfred Tea Room. It definitely takes the top spot just because of its versatility and the fact that it’s loaded with shops and cafes for when you need a break from all your paparazzi moments.     



Located on the grounds of Griffith Park in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, Griffith Observatory makes for one of the best places to take photographs in LA. Griffith Park itself is really gorgeous and can also serve as a suitable backdrop for the perfect Instagram; lush green grass, a hike to the Hollywood sign, or a fun shot at The Trails Cafe. But, the Observatory really encases the blue skies that Los Angeles has so often and perfectly frames it with white buildings that can and will contrast any shade.



It actually took me quite awhile to give in to taking photographs here because A) so many people have pictures at ROW and B) the “city” aesthetic wasn’t something I thought fit into my Instagram and blog. I finally decided to give ROW a shot and loved how the pictures turned out. I recommend this spot because it has something for everyone; if you want those coveted middle of the street photos, you can grab those here without heavy oncoming traffic threatening to mow you down. If you fancy those cafe shots, ROW has plenty of places to grab those, and even has a little greenery if you want something more nature centric.


I am so excited about the next Harry Styles outfit that is coming to the blog. It was one of my favorite suits that he wore on the tour and I immediately knew I wanted to recreate it. If you’re wondering which suit it is (and there’s tons of possibilities!) then come back next week to see!

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Photography by Shakala Kyle & Ashley Singleton

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