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The Jumpsuit of Dreams

The Jumpsuit of Dreams


Outfit Details: Petite Knot Front Strappy Tapered Jumpsuit | Jessica Simpson Cassani Pumps Women's Shoes

Contrary to the past few posts of my blog, I have not forgotten that this blog is based on Harry Styles. I, however, did not want you to be without a guide for the Sephora VIB Sale or stumped as to how to wear fall’s biggest trend: leopard print. But, here I am -- back again with another outfit inspired by Harry Styles’ fashion; and this time we’re borrowing (again!) from the Harry Styles: Live on Tour suits that graced stages across the globe in 2017 and 2018.

Considering it was an 89 date tour, there are plenty of suits for me to choose from when it comes to re-creating a look -- so far I’ve covered some of the best suits from the 29018 dates; including Manchester, London, and Basel. Why not come stateside for one of the suits that made my list for the best looks of Harry Styles from his American tour dates?!

I’m --of course-- referring to the custom mint Gucci suit he wore in Hershey, Pennsylvania this summer.


Image via 70srockalbum on Instagram

Image via 70srockalbum on Instagram

Images via Harry Styles Daily on  tumblr

Images via Harry Styles Daily on tumblr

To be fair, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Harry in a mint green suit. Last year, he was one of the performers for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and wore a mint Givenchy suit that A -- looked amazing on him and B -- was actually the true inspiration behind me searching high and low for mint green pieces that could serve as the re-created look.

This Gucci suit features a single-breasted jacket (which has a gorgeous cream colored satin lining on the inside) and colored buttons, which I think work well for the monochrome look. The trousers are flared, however, I feel as if they’re a tad too long and they just look baggy on him, although I do love the pressed creases.

He completed the look with a white button down shirt and black boots that both really complement the look in its entirety.



Whilst I was avoiding work at my office and clicking through Boohoo I came across this gorgeous mint green jumpsuit and bought it immediately. Upon its arrival, I realized that it was more mint than aqua and therefore, worked better for the Gucci suit than the Givenchy suit from the VSFS. Besides the fact that my look is a jumpsuit --which is pretty dang comparable to a suit-- I think the color of the jumpsuit is pretty spot on.

I really love the detail of the peek-a-boo front, which I think is just lovely for a perfect romantic night. There’s a little open back detail as well, and maybe you can catch a glimpse of that over on my Instagram (hint, hint!) This jumpsuit is in petite sizing, so it fits well all over; the length is perfect, the straps aren’t falling off my shoulders, and it hits in all the right places.

Although the black boots that Harry has on with his suit work well, I didn’t think black heels would look as good with this outfit and I instead opted for my Jessica Simpson nude heels to complete this look.

And that’s another Harry Styles outfit re-creation done!


While I am quite tempted to do another Harry Styles look next week, I also have a few other ideas rolling around that may make an appearance on the blog. Also, I’m shooting a couple more outfits over these next few weeks to try and make a bit of a catalog before the holidays come around. See you next week!

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Photography by Ashley Singleton

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