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Jumpsuit of Dreams Pt. 2

Jumpsuit of Dreams Pt. 2


Outfit Details: Velvet Thin Strap Jumpsuit Dark Purple | New Look Velvet Court Heeled Shoe

I know what you’re thinking -- another jumpsuit?! But let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good jumpsuit?! It’s an easy outfit that has a place in your wardrobe no matter what the occasion; business casual minimalist wardrobe? Get yourself a simple black jumpsuit! Date night with your SO?! Pick up a sparkly jumpsuit with a deep V. Need some casual street outfits?! A jumpsuit in a playful print is just right for you.

So when I came across this gorgeous jumpsuit in a stunning jewel tone, I knew that I had to snatch it up, which I obviously did! Also, I couldn’t resist the crushed velvet because the 90s are back and I am so here for it! The beautiful purple velvet jumpsuit instantly reminded me of a Harry Styles suit that I thought I would never be able to re-create… at least not fully.

Care to guess which suit it is?!



If you guessed the divine purple velvet suit from his appearance on X Factor Italy a year ago then you’d be right. The texture of real velvet is just beautiful and the deep purple hue of the suit really highlights the beauty of the fabric as well. I also love how the tone of purple changes depending on the lighting that surrounds it; sometimes it looks near black (like the photo on the right) and other times it’s as purple as an amethyst (like the photo on the left.)

This suit is a custom Burberry piece and if you’ve taken a peek at my suit round-up posts from the days of Harry Styles: Live on Tour, you’ll know that I have an affinity for Harry Styles in suits other than those by Gucci. This suit is tailored to a T for him and looks great on his frame; the pant is a perfect length, the sleeve on the jacket is the perfect length, and there’s nowhere on the entire suit that looks too big.

Speaking of the jacket on the suit, its peaked lapels, although not too peaked, which gives the suit a bit of a casual look rather than something that is too formal. Which made it a perfect candidate for a purple velvet jumpsuit… right?



This extraordinary purple velvet jumpsuit is from Nakd Fashion, and it’s a piece that I bought as soon as I saw it not only because it reminded me of that X Factor Italy suit, but because who can really pass up a purple velvet jumpsuit?! And I have the world’s best news -- this jumpsuit is currently on sale for less than TWENTY dollars! So, if all you’ve ever wanted in life was a purple velvet jumpsuit… then now’s your chance to score one!

Obviously, the shades of purple between Harry’s priceless Burberry suit and my mass produced jumpsuit are clearly different, as well as a the quality of velvet (let’s be real… mine probably isn’t even real velvet) but I think the jumpsuit nicely captures to casualness of the suit that Harry is wearing. Plus, I was just really impressed with myself for finding a purple velvet jumpsuit because it was actually quite difficult to find.

Like Harry, I am wearing black shoes -- these trusty New Look heels are by my side whenever I need them. You don’t necessarily have the wear heels with this look but --as per my last post-- I am quite short and the pant part of this jumpsuit was just a tad too long for me, but fit perfectly with heels, which are about three and a half inches.


I spent some time with my friend shooting some gorgeous photos at Union Station that I cannot wait for you to see, but first -- I think I may put up my first in a series of Harry Styles inspired gift guides! Should I split them up by gender -- gift guide for her and gift guide for him! Would you all like that?! Let me know!

All the love,

Photography by Ashley Singleton

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