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One Piece Swimsuits Are In For Summer

One Piece Swimsuits Are In For Summer


Outfit Details: LA Hearts Shine Ribbed Lace-Up One Piece Swimsuit (alternative)Rhythm Sunchaser Lace-Up One Piece Swimsuit (alternative)

As I sit here in my studio apartment staring out of the window wondering how Los Angeles went from 75 degrees (24 degrees celsius) to 107 degrees (42 degrees celsius) in a matter of 24 hours, I’ve realized that I hate summer. Yes, there are great things about it:

  • The days are long
  • It’s perfectly acceptable to drink mimosas by the pool all day

  • There are tons more outdoor festivities

  • Every single goddamn fruit is in season

But also, as someone who has an elderly dog, no central air con, and no parking at their apartment complex, all those good, amazing things get overshadowed by the fact that:

  • When the town you live in is as dirty as Los Angeles, EVERYTHING fucking stinks

  • My office doesn’t do summer Fridays

  • You’re constantly sticky and sweating


Yes, I do realize that I am in the minority when it comes to not liking summer, but isn’t autumn so much better? No? What about spring? Still a no? Fine, I’ll accept that I am the weird one. This summer heat, however, did remind me that it it pool and beach season, and what better post to put up than a swimsuit one? You’re welcome.


Image via Yahoo Style Canada

Image via Yahoo Style Canada

Left image via  Hayley Gigliotti . Right image via  Jenna Badler.  

Left image via Hayley Gigliotti. Right image via Jenna Badler. 

He’s actually worn this outfit twice -- the above photos are from both of those times; the first time being back in May 2017 at his promotional performance for his debut album on The One Show. The trousers are a banana yellow velvet (Gucci of course), although in various lighting, the color looks more chartreuse. He wore the outfit again later in the year in October 2017 at the DAR Constitution Hall on the first leg of his tour. So, in a way, this is a tour outfit, yes? 

Speaking of tour outfits, the second leg of his tour is almost finished (and ya girl will be at the show on the second to last night), and I’ve been keeping up with all of his amazing (this adjective is relative) looks over on my Instagram.

And if you fancy a peek at my favorite suits of his from his European and Oceania tour dates, I wrote up blog posts on both! 



Having just finished up posts on summer office wardrobes, perfect warm weather dresses, and great casual outfits; I thought it was high time for a swimsuit post. Because I wanted something bold --much like Harry’s pants-- I searched the internet for a yellow one-piece that was a bit sexy. I found this one-piece at PacSun and immediately snatched it up. (Please don’t hate me -- this particular one isn’t available anymore, but I’ve got some alternatives linked for you.) My favorite part, outside of the color, are the drawstrings; you can tighten them to give your shape a more defined look or leave them loose if you prefer that.

Sure, there’s no black in this look, but the yellow swimsuit is enough isn’t it?! After all, these are only interpretations and --to be honest-- I just wanted to do a swimsuit post.


Next week I’ll be bringing you all a beauty wish list because with the warm summer weather comes many a makeup launch and I love makeup as much as I love Harry Styles (almost…) and my Harry Styles concert review will be the week after that. Pray tell I get some good shots from the show.

Until next time…

Stay Stylish,
xoxo Michelle

Photography by Shakala Kyle


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