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Summer Is All About Dresses

Summer Is All About Dresses


Outfit Details: UO Plaid Button-Down Lace-Up Mini Dress (different color) | Jeffrey Campbell Metcalf Almond Toe Bootie

Happy June everyone! It’s Pride month, the start of summer, and the time of year when my hay fever ruins my life. Thankfully, it hasn’t been too hot here in Los Angeles and I couldn’t be more thankful. I am dreading the day I wake up and the temperature is anything over eighty degrees. Fahrenheit that is.

It is, however, inevitable and because I (reluctantly) know that, I’ve been cleaning out my closet of all the winter and autumn pieces that I have and I am slowly building up my summer wardrobe. Because I do live in such a hot climate, I tend to gravitate towards dresses, playsuits, and skirts for summer because they really keep you cool during the hot summer months.

For this Harry Styles inspired look, I turned my eye to his lighter colored suits to see if there was anything that I could whip up from them. I had already done the pink suit from his stint on Good Morning America and turned that (in)famous red Gucci suit from One Direction’s last X Factor  performance into an eye-catching playsuit, so I felt as if I were due for a dress.

While I was browsing the Urban Outfitters website, as I frequently do, I came across a red plaid dress that looked suspiciously like a Vivienne Westwood suit Harry wore back in May 2017 lovingly dubbed “the tea towel suit.” As we can see below, it is a bit on the tea towel side, but I actually really like this suit -- it fits him amazingly well

Images via  Upscale Hype

Images via Upscale Hype

The Urban Outfitters dress I chose has the same red and white check pattern as the suit  and I paired it with my Jeffrey Campbell boots that have the pearls on the heels to emulate the black Gucci boots that he is wearing. As for the differences between the two outfits -- outside of the fact that I am wearing a dress, Harry’s check print is a bit more spaced out than mine and I am also guessing that the materials are not the same, though the dress is a breathable rayon.  

Sidebar: My best friend shot these gorgeous photos for me in Holland Park while we were in London. It just so happened to be a stunning day --as evidenced by the pictures-- and everyone was out in the park. Something I’ve learnt about British people; the moment the sun is out and it’s anywhere above fifty degrees (again.. Fahrenheit…) they’re all out in their shorts eating ice cream and sunbathing. Not shown in the pictures, but I actually had a jacket with me.


I regret to inform you that this exact color of this dress is no longer available because Urban Outfitters didn’t get the memo of my post going up, but this silhouette is still available in a yellow and black check print, which is the one linked above. Although, if you prefer something white instead of black, Urban Outfitters does have a white and red check print dress in the same vein as the one I am wearing.

And now --ladies and gents-- we’ve come to the part of the blog post where I tell you how I’ve been keeping up with all of Harry Styles’ suits that he’s been wearing on tour on my Instagram -- it’s hard work, like back breaking work… do you know how many update accounts I have to scroll through to find the perfect picture?! 😏

But seriously, if you want a peek into what outfits I am working on, check the HS Tour Suits Instagram Story Highlight and you’ll see the many a suit I am attempting to find the perfect pieces to recreate. And also, my Insta is cute.

This is where I bid you adieu and tell you to come back next week because that post is going to be v special!


Photography by Jordin Blacklock

Stay Stylish,
xoxo Michelle

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