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How Shoes Can Change Your Entire Look

How Shoes Can Change Your Entire Look


Outfit Details: AKIRA Presidential Bae Houndstooth Miniskirt | Melissa Sheer Sides Bodysuit | Lace Back Block Heel Over the Knee Boots

Day to night looks. Type that into Google and you’ll get a slew of blog posts about makeup looks; which lipstick to throw on after work for a spot of drinks, how to add a bit of shadow to your eyes for the perfect smoky look, and which blushes work for the office as well as date night. What you don’t get tons of though is how to transition an outfit from daytime to nighttime so I thought to myself -- Why not do this? And why not use Harry Styles as the inspiration? This whole blog is based around this concept; taking Harry Styles’ bespoke and very expensive looks and re-creating them into something more… accessible if you will. It’s fun.

The idea for this particular blog post came when I was putting together this outfit and thought that one pair of shoes looked just as good as another. Normally, I am pretty sold on my ideas of what an outfit should look like, right down to the pair of shoes; I know when Oxfords would bring that right amount of masculinity to a look and when a pair of Vans really bring out urban chic in a look that would otherwise pull fancy. But with this look, two pairs of shoes really worked so I thought… why not both?


Image via  Palomo Spain

Image via Palomo Spain

Left photo via  stylescevans . Right photo via  itakejustin .

Left photo via stylescevans. Right photo via itakejustin.

This look is based on the suit Harry wore during his Harry Styles: Live on Tour stop in Barcelona, Spain. A custom suit from Palomo Spain that mixes two very trendy patterns --gingham and houndstooth-- the suit made it into my top suits from his European tour dates. This particular suit has very fine sequins on the fabric, which I actually would like to know exactly what the fabric is, as it looks a bit heavy and stiff.

Nonetheless, I like the suit because it is simplistic in a way with it being black and white and two prints that we saw a lot of last spring; but also, it’s a bit complicated as the suit mashes up the two prints in a unique way and adds sequins to a bit of an over the top effect that I think works really well as something that is both staple and statement.

Harry finished his look with black boots and a black tank top underneath.



When I decided that this was a look that I wanted to recreate, I had a difficult time figuring out whether I wanted to do the gingham print or the houndstooth print. Seeing as the suit is custom, I knew attempting to find a houndstooth-gingham mashup was probably out of the question. The ultimate decision maker was the fact that I felt like gingham has been done over and over again so I went on the hunt for a houndstooth piece of clothing.

When I came across the skirt from Akira, I knew it was perfect. Though there was the option to include a bandeau top as well as a jacket, I wanted to pull in some of the simplicity of the black and white while adding a bit of sexiness to the look; so I chose this Fashion Nova off-the-shoulder bodysuit with sheer panels on the side. While some may argue that the sheer panels make it more nighttime appropriate that daytime, I think this outfit would be perfect for a picnic or hitting up a museum.

And that is where the shoes come in; I went back and forth between the over the knee boots and traditional black heels before deciding that they both looked great with the outfit. So I thought to myself -- why not use both? The over the knee boot adds a bit of casualness to the look while the black velvet heels really work for any nighttime events you’d find yourself at.

But, they both look amazing with this outfit if I do say so myself and there is no rule that says you cannot wear heels during the day. You do you girl!


Next week will be a lifestyle post but I am not sure what post I’ll be putting up. I know what you’re thinking -- in my Look Back At 2018 post I mentioned wanting to get ahead of blog posts and I believe in baby steps. This post was written and scheduled all before Saturday evening and really that is a huge step for me.

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Photography by Shakala Kyle

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