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Harry Styles' 5 Best Suits From His American Dates

Harry Styles' 5 Best Suits From His American Dates

Image via  Helene Pambrun

Image via Helene Pambrun

Well guys, this is it -- the end of an era some would say. Now that Harry Styles: Live on Tour is over and done, it’s time for me to do my very last round-up of my favorite suits from this tour. Just like the one I did for his European stops, I will be highlighting five suits that I think were Harry’s best. I also did a roundup post for his Oceania stops, although it only had three suits, as there weren’t as many dates in the Oceania countries.

I skipped out on South America altogether because I didn’t like any of the suits that Harry wore for those tour dates, but if you fancy seeing them, I documented every single suit over on my Instagram. Yes, it was quite an exhausting job but I will go ahead and say that I did it very well and pat myself on the back.

Now, to be quite honest, I had a hard time choosing five suits from the American tour dates. We all know Harry is quite a stylish guy and without his quirky and fun sense of fashion, I wouldn’t have a blog… but the American dates were towards the end of the tour and I felt as if he started to get a bit less flashy and out there with his style choices. And when he did take risks --like Madison Square Garden on the first night-- I wasn’t the biggest fan.

But, I promised you all five suits and I got my shit together and chose five suits -- so here they are starting from favorite to least favorite.


Houston, Texas; 7 June 2018 -- Gucci

Images via  Houston Chronicle

Gucci?! At number one?! This is never happened in the short history of Harry Styles Favorite Suits by Dressing with Styles. But alas, here we have it, a Gucci look at number one. This takes the cake for me because I love the combination of light bottoms and dark tops -- usually we see it the reverse. Although the trousers are the flare that Harry loves to sport, they’re a little unique in that they have love embroidered at the bottom of one of the legs, which is a nice little detail.

I also especially love the check blazer. It’s rare that we see Harry in something that isn’t one solid color -- his blazer always matches his trousers or he doesn’t have a blazer on at all. It’s a step away from the ordinary for him and I love the result.


Nashville, Tennessee; 12 June 2018 -- Gucci (custom)

Images via  Bridgestone Area

Images via Bridgestone Area

Gucci?! Again?! Two in a row?! Who even am I?! But really -- can we just talk about that color of the suit?! It’s a gorgeous sapphire blue that is really eye-catching and reminds me of my first car -- a Mitsubishi Eclipse that I swear was the same color of this suit. I love the jewel detailing on the navy lapels -- it really compliments the vibrancy of the suit itself.

Also, we have another cropped blazer here, this time paired with high-waisted pants which I think really suit his tall and lean figure. He completed the look with a black button down that he’s worn many times and black leather boots. This look is an easy number two and probably one of his best ever.


Los Angeles, California; 13 July 2018 -- Gucci

Left photo via  chasm2018 . Right photo via  Helene Pambrun .

Left photo via chasm2018. Right photo via Helene Pambrun.

Wait a minute… hold the phone… another Gucci?! I must be losing my mind. But seriously, look at this suit! I love fabric; the breeziness of linen, the luxuriousness of silk, and the comfort of jersey. My all-time favorite fabric, however, is velvet and this suit is a dream come true for me. I know what you’re thinking -- this suit only made the top five because this was the show I attended, but I promise that’s not the case!

This suit isn’t custom, it’s from the Gucci Resort 2019 collection, as is the shirt that Harry is wearing underneath. I’m not the biggest fan of the exaggerated flares, although I do think he can get away with it because of his height. Harry is usually one for double-breasted suit jackets, but this one is single-breasted with oversized lapels and it looks absolutely amazing on him.


Detroit, Michigan; 26 June 2018 -- Gucci (custom)

Left image via  Helene Pambrun . Right image via  The Detroit News .

Left image via Helene Pambrun. Right image via The Detroit News.

Another Gucci?! *jaw drops* Wild eh?! Harry actually wore an array of these tops during his tenure on the road. I felt partial to this one, however, because I really like the turquoise color of it. I also love the glitter that is woven into the fabric because it really set an otherwise plain top apart.

He’s got on the same trousers that he wore onstage in Houston, which took the number one spot on this list. That’s partially why this outfit ranks so “low” because I’m really only rating a top, and a top that he wore in many a color before wearing it in Detroit and he wore it a couple of times afterward if I am not mistaken.


Hershey, Pennsylvania; 14 June 2018 -- Gucci (Custom)

Left image via  heyy_amanda . Right image via  70srockalbum .

Left image via heyy_amanda. Right image via 70srockalbum.

Did I just make a top five blog post with every single slot Gucci?! Why yes, yes I did and I will not apologize for it. This suit comes in last because I don’t like the fit on him; I feel like the trousers are a bit too loose around the waist and they also look to have a little too much material towards the thigh area.

I really like to color of the suit --a mix between mint and aqua-- and it reminds me a bit of the second suit that he wore at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Also, the suit screams summer to me because of the color, and the fact that he paired it with a white button-down. I also really liked this suit because I felt as if it was going to be easy to recreate as an inspired look.  😉

So, What’s Next?!

Speaking of outfit recreation -- we’re bringing it back next week. I am still putting together the tour outfit inspirations and also combing through some websites to find the perfect pieces which is both very fun and very exhausting. And also very expensive… but still very fun. So next week’s look is throwback to 2015 until I can get all my ducks in a row.

See you back here next week!


Stay Stylish,
xoxo Michelle

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