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Styling A Denim Skirt for Summer

Styling A Denim Skirt for Summer


Outfit Details: Flamingo Print Knotted Hem Cuffed BlouseVintage-style denim skirt | Old Skool Vans

Have you ever gotten to the day before you post your blogs and realize that you haven’t done anything for it? That’s what has happened to me this week and I am scrambling to throw this blog together. Honestly, I’ve been so caught up in watching Love Island that I haven’t thought of much else 😂, but I have buckled down to bring you this week’s outfit recreation inspired by my favorite Harry Styles era -- 2015. (It's actually from 2014 but in December so basically 2015.)

In case you’ve forgotten what this blog is all about -- I spend a lot of time recreating outfits that Harry Styles has worn because why not?! And when I’m not spending time doing that, I’m telling you about beauty favorites, Harry Styles concerts, what to purchase in the sale, and… Love Island apparently. (Eyal’s a piece of work right?!)

This outfit was actually one that I’ve been debating on doing since I started this blog but --as some of you may know-- I don’t always recreate the outfit the way that he’s wearing it; sometimes I seek out different colors, think of ways that I can make the outfit more feminine (I like “girly” clothes), and I try to be creative with prints and color schemes. Now that we’re in summer, I’ve been looking at his outfit choices and trying to make them more season appropriate.

Harry wore this outfit back in December 2014 on the X Factor finals while performing with One Direction. This performance was the one where 1D played with The Rolling Stones and we all know what an impact Mick Jagger has had on Harry Styles. 😉



Harry’s look is a perfect combination of fun and classic -- it’s quite a smart button down shirt from the Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2015 collection with a unique print on it; flamingos. And I don’t know about you, but flamingos make me think of summer. Maybe it’s the color of them -- pink is super summery right?! Harry completed his look with the two pieces of clothing that really defines who he was back in 2014/15; black skinny jeans and black boots.

Now, I don’t know how the summers are in your neck of the woods, but in Los Angeles they’re hotter than six shades of hell so there’s no chance you’d catch me out in black skinny jeans and black boots… and a dark colored top. So for this recreation, I attempted to stay true to the essence of this look and I think I did a pretty good job.



Firstly, I was so proud of myself for finding a flamingo print shirt, and it’s v affordable. I love that it’s white and a thin material to help stay cool under the sun and it has a tie front. In the photos, I’ve tied it a bit tight in order to give that crop top look, but it’s possible to wear the shirt more loosely if you’re not comfortable with the midriff.

Again, black jeans aren't an option in LA for summer, so instead, I chucked on this Bershka denim black mini skirt to act as the denim part of my outfit. This is a nice fitting denim skirt for all my petite ladies. I’ve always had the problem of denim mini skirts not fitting properly around the waist and swiveling all the time but this one stayed put pretty well and doesn’t budge at all if you add a belt to it.

The boots also fancy up Harry’s look, but throwing my own outfit together, I realized I was in a casual sort, so I finished up with Vans because I think that went better with everything as a whole.

And that, my darlings, is another Harry Styles look done in the books!


I actually kind of don’t know what I’m doing next week -- I could do another outfit or I could do something else. Is there something that you all would like to see next week?! Let me know in the comments!

In the meantime, if you're looking for other summer inspired outfits to wear during these last few weeks of the season, I recently sported a yellow swimsuit that is perfect for poolside chilling, some pink trousers so you can bring summer to the office, and a bold print dress for your party nights. 

Ta For Now!

Photography by Ashley Singleton

Stay Stylish,
xoxo Michelle


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