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Adding Color to Your Summer Office Wardrobe

Adding Color to Your Summer Office Wardrobe


Well, well, well… the summer solstice is upon us. For some of us, that means no more school and sleeping in until noon. For others, that means day drinking on a Sunday trying to forget that summer really means nothing because they work a 9 to 5, Monday through Friday. I happen to belong to the latter, but I’m of the mind that, if I can’t be out in the summer sunshine all day, everyday, then I am going to bring summer with me.

I love bright colors and patterns just as much as I love a good all black outfit, but there is something about summer that makes me want to wear all bright colors all the time. Even at the office. I try to plan these Harry Styles inspired outfits a bit in advance and --if you didn’t know-- I’ve been closely keeping up with all this suits for the 2018 leg of his tour over on my Instagram. When I saw the hot pink custom Gucci suit he wore in Bologna, Italy back in April, I knew I wanted to use it as inspiration.

I had a few problems though: A -- summer was just around the corner, and no one wears suits in summer in LA and B -- I had already done a pink suit and I try my best to not be too repetitive. Instead, I thought to use the suit as inspiration for summer office wardrobe, when you’re looking to put a bit more color into your outfits, if only to combat you sadness for being stuck at a desk all day.

Photos via  Helene Pambrun .

Photos via Helene Pambrun.

When I first saw this suit, I couldn’t get over the color of it -- it’s the perfect shade of hot pink, which means it’s flashy in and of itself. Harry can sometimes get absolutely ridiculous with his suits (Madison Square Garden Night One anyone?!), but this hot pink suit stood on its own -- with the peaked velvet lapels giving it some extra extravagance without going over the top. (How’s that for a run-on sentence?!)

For my outfit, I attempted to come as close to the color as I could with the trousers from Boohoo. They’re also pretty tailored to my body and so are his -- although mine are tapered and his aren’t. To add some professionalism to the outfit, I went with a white blouse in the same vein as Harry’s. I, of course, don’t have on a pussy bow, but let’s not rule it out for future posts.

You can’t see them in the images of Harry, but he has on black Gucci loafers with this suit. I could have easily slipped on some black loafers, but I wanted to go with something a bit more eye-catching -- so I went with nude Louise et Cie loafers, which also tie in a bit of the velvet in the laces. As much as I love these loafers, they’re not sold anymore, but I always find you guys the best dupes, don’t I?


The hot pink color of the pants really bring in the summer colors and the blouse and loafers make the entire outfit a bit more office friendly. You can also dress the trousers down a little bit and pair them with white sandals and tube top for a great brunch outfit.

This outfit isn’t the last that you’ll see inspired by the 2018 leg of Harry Styles: Live on Tour -- I’ve been shopping and planning shoots since he started the tour back in March, which has been terrible on my bank account but will be great for you all!

On another note, I’m sure you’ve all noticed that I’ve been branching out just a bit to include more things on the blog -- like last week’s Ode to Kate Spade and a short and sweet post on Things That Happen When You’re 30-- and you all seem to be enjoying it. The future holds lots of content about beauty and lifestyle and --of course-- tons more Harry Styles content.

So until next time…

Stay Stylish,
xoxo Michelle

Photography by Shakala Kyle

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